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5 Things You Don’t Want To Put Down The Drain

Monday, March 15th, 2021

sink-drainDealing with a clogged drain in your kitchen is never pleasant. then can be smelly and stubborn not to mention it grinds meal prep to a complete halt. Thankfully it is possible to keep clogged drain incidents to a minimum. Using best practices can help you to keep your drains in better condition, avoiding those frustrating clogs.

We can provide tips to help keep your kitchen drains in working order and make things a lot easier for you in the future. Just make sure to come to us for help when your drains do back up instead of reaching for that chemical drain cleaner.

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The Difference Water Saving Appliances Can Make

Monday, March 1st, 2021

shower-head-runningWhen you live in this state, saving water is never far from your mind. We face extended periods of drought and have seen some extreme majors come into play in the past years to reduce regular water usage.

While this is all well and good, we think you should know that there are some great ways to reduce your home water use on a regular basis. By taking steps to improve your water usage at home all year long, you can actually help to reduce the stress that the next major drought season might have on the area because, well, you are already prepared!

The approach we are focusing on to help you save water is, of course, upgrading your plumbing appliances.

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