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3 Reasons To Install a Sump Pump

Monday, August 16th, 2021

sunny-plumber-logoWe live in an area commonly referred to as “sunny Southern California.” That means more days of sunlight and warmth than days full of rain and clouds. While that is great for enjoying time outside it also means that we are in an area that gets dried out regularly and rapidly–it can feel like we are almost always battling a drought. Getting rain after months of dry, hot weather can be a relief but it can also be a problem because it may put your home at risk of flooding.

When the ground has been baked for months on end by hot, dry air, it can’t always soak up large amounts of rainwater well. The end result is often the creation of floods or flash floods. While these floods aren’t exactly a regular issue, they can become a problem if one hits your area and your home has no way to combat it. If you are looking to take preventative measures against floodwater damage, we’d suggest starting with a sump pump in Corona, CA.

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6 Ways to Increase Your Water Savings This Summer

Monday, August 2nd, 2021

technician-in-doorSummer is here and we didn’t get much rain over the last several months. This means that it is a good idea to reduce our water usage. Reducing how many gallons you use on a regular basis now can make things much easier later in the year when it gets even hotter.

If you haven’t already, let us give you some great tips to help you start saving some extra water now. With conscious practices and maybe even some upgrades to your plumbing in Corona, you can save gallons, which is good for your bills and the planet.

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