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Investing in Drain Cleaning Prevents Drain Pain

Monday, September 27th, 2021

sunny-plumberWhen was the last time that you cleaned out your drains? If you aren’t sure if you have ever gotten this done or if you know that you’ve never gotten your drains cleaned then we’d like to encourage that you have them checked out. Drain cleaning is actually a pretty great way to save yourself trouble, not just to clear out stubborn clogs.

The team at The Sunny Plumber SoCal is proud to offer this helpful service to homes throughout the area provided by our friendly Corona plumbers. If you aren’t sure whether or not you need this service let us give you a little bit of information to help you out.

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5 Signs of Toilet Trouble and What to Do

Monday, September 13th, 2021

sunny-plumberYour toilet is a 100% necessary plumbing appliance in your home. We’ve all been in an outhouse at least once and thanked our lucky stars for our indoor plumbing. So what do you do when this vital part of your home starts to act up?

Well, if you have a clog and a plunger can handle it, we’d suggest going that route. But beyond that plunger solution, other repairs or service to your toilet is best handled by a professional plumber like ours. Your toilet is vital to your home–make sure you leave it in the hands of an expert who knows how to keep it working right.

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