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3 Reasons Sewer Lines Get Clogged Up

sunny-plumbersGetting back into the groove of things once the holiday season dies down can be tough. But die down it has. The decorations are down (a belated congratulations to the winners of the 2020 Holiday Lights Contest!), the wrapping paper discarded, and the workweek back to its regularly scheduled programming.

Hopefully you’re settling back into the groove well—and hopefully your plumbing is, too!

We understand that your sewer is probably not at the top of your mind when you’re celebrating the holidays, but this is actually a pretty common time to run into issues. We’ll talk about the reason for that below, as well as some other factors that can contribute to sewer line clogs.

What Makes a Sewer Line Back Up?

So what can lead to a backed up sewer line? And what can you do about it? Let’s start with the one we alluded to above.

1. User Error

Wait, what? This isn’t some complicated piece of technology—it’s a pipe! How can I be using a pipe wrong? 

By using your drains wrong.

Remember, the sewer line on your property is the connection point between your drainage system and your septic tank or the municipal sewer system. If you’re putting things like fat, oil, and grease down the drain (FOG, as they’re commonly grouped and referred to), then you’re misusing your drains and asking for trouble. Keep starchy foods like pasta and beans out of your garbage disposal, too, as these can swell and cause a clogged sewer line in Corona.

2. Tree Roots

Yes, you read that right. Tree roots.

Well, I’m not putting tree roots down my drain—what gives?

You obviously aren’t doing that. But you don’t have to. Because tree roots invite themselves right in, and that’s the problem.

Keep in mind that your sewer line is a water and fertilizer source. In a relatively dry climate like ours, you can expect trees, bushes, etc. to do what it takes to get what they need.  And if that means busting into your sewer line with their tree roots, so be it.

You may not think there’s much you can do about this, and it’s true that you can’t control these roots. You can control your landscaping, though. Keep your trees and bushes away from your sewer line, and make sure you and your landscaper are aware of its location.

3. Sagging Sewer Lines

This is the one that you really have the least control over. Obviously, hiring a professional to install and service your sewer line goes a long way in mitigating this risk. We use the right materials and we install things the right way. However, soil shifts over time.

If your sewer line starts to dip and sag, it can really start to slow the flow through it. And if the stress causes cracks in the line, and dirt starts getting in, it’s only a matter of time before the clogs begin.

Schedule your sewer line services with The Sunny Plumber SoCal. Bright and Shiny and Won’t Show Our Hiney.

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