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3 Signs You Need Sewer Line Services

technician-in-doorNobody really thinks about their sewer lines that frequently.  Of course, they can’t help but think about their sewer lines when problems arise. If you do notice that there is a potential problem with your sewer line, it is always going to be in your best interest to resolve those problems as soon as possible.

And that means that you need to be able to recognize the signs of sewer line problems.

The good news is, these warning signs can be fairly obvious. The bad news is, they’re not all what you’d call pleasant. But hey, that just makes swift action more important, right? Be on alert for these sewer line warning signs, and remember that you want a Sunny Plumber on the job when it is time for sewer line services in Corona, CA.

Sewer Odors (They’re Tough to Ignore)

Chances are that you are going to dial our number very soon after noticing sewer odors on your property or in your house. Sewer odors don’t really need an explanation, do they? But where do they come from?

There are a few reasons you may encounter sewer odors. It could be that you have a ruptured sewer line. If that’s the case, you’ll probably notice a very strong sewer odor out on your property. If you notice the sewer odor in a specific area of your home, you might have a dry p-trap under the sink that is allowing gas to come back up the drain.

Of course, you may also just need a good drain cleaning. That’s why it’s so important to work with a professional plumber like ours. Not only do we solve problems, but we diagnose them accurately to begin with.

Backed Up Drains/Toilets

Everyone is going to run into a slow-moving drain here and there. Eventually, your toilet is going to back up. We’d love to tell you that you’ll be the exception to this rule, but that’s really not the case. It happens to the best of us.

It’s a question of frequency and severity, though.

If you’re careful about what you put down the drains and your toilet, but you’re still frequently running into issues with clogs and backups, it could be an issue with your sewer line. A deep clog, tree roots in the line—the issues can vary. What doesn’t waver is our commitment to resolving such problems completely!

Soggy Yard

This one is a double whammy of the worst kind. If your yard is soggy, you may have a ruptured water main or just bad drainage. If your yard is soggy and you’re dealing with foul sewer odors, though, you’re pretty much certainly dealing with a ruptured sewer line. We have the technology necessary to repair or replace that line with as minimal disruption to your property as possible. This is an unpleasant, unhygienic type of situation, so contact us right away.

Schedule your drain and sewer services with The Sunny Plumber SoCal. Bright and Shiny and Won’t Show Our Hiney.

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