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3 Ways Sewer Lines Get Damaged

technician-in-doorYou might run into sewer line problems eventually. It happens to the best of us. It happens to the best of sewer lines. Sometimes, life just isn’t fair like that. But, do you want to know a secret? It is possible that you are contributing to sewer line problems yourself. Or, if you aren’t currently, that you may in the future. How? By not realizing you’re doing so! There are actually a few simple ways in which you can avoid sewer line troubles.

We’ve got tips to help you along the way. We can’t promise that you’ll never experience such problems, though. No one can. Not truthfully, anyway. And if there is one thing that a Sunny Plumber is, it’s honest! So honestly, there is no guarantee of preventing all sewer line problems. But we can guarantee that keeping these tips in mind will help. So consider the following, and remember that we’re here to answer your questions.

#1. Flush ONLY Flushables!

This is where some homeowners run into trouble. They think that what they are flushing is flushable, when in actuality those materials can cause clogs. How does this happen? Marketing, unfortunately. A lot of things, from baby wipes to cat litter, will claim to be flushable. This is definitely a play it safe situation. So here is a good general rule to follow.

Waste, and toilet paper. That’s it. If you want to know for sure that what your flushing is actually flushable, that’s the entire list. Can “flushable” baby wipes be flushed down the toilet?  Well, sure. But they’ll probably wind up leading to clogs in the sewer line. They won’t break down. At least not quickly enough. And that’s when real headaches begin.

#2. Be Mindful of Landscaping

Wait, what? Are these people some of plumber/arborist combination? No, not at all. But, as professional plumbers, we understand that your landscaping can indeed affect your sewer line in Corona, CA. How is that? Well, trees, bushes, and shrubs all have roots.

Roots naturally seek out water, remember. And there is plenty of water being flushed through your sewer line. It is possible for tree, bush, and shrub roots to break into your sewer line. Once they do that, the damage has been done. Not only are you looking at a leaking pipe, but you could be looking at very serious clogs. Those roots really bind things up.

#3. Be Careful with Construction

Hopefully, you’ll be working with a contractor that is as careful, skilled, and trustworthy as your Sunny Plumber is. If this is the case, then they’ll know where your sewer line runs. All to often, we’ll be called out to fix or replace sewer lines that were damaged during construction projects.

Any excavation and construction being done on your property needs to take your sewer line, gas line, and any other piping into consideration. Go ahead and ask your contractor about such considerations. They should have answers to reassure you. And, if they don’t—you may need a new contractor.

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