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Clogged Drains: When Is There Cause for Concern?

sunny-plumberWe talk a lot about clogged drains on this blog, don’t we? There is a good reason for that, though. We keep talking about them, because they continue to be one of the most common and most troublesome of all plumbing problems that homeowners and commercial property owners encounter! When you stop clogging ’em, we’ll stop talking about ’em! Of course, that is not going to happen any time soon. And that is why we’re talking about them again today.

Our focus in this entry is going to be on when you should start to be concerned about clogs. Too many homeowners wait for their drains to stop up entirely before they go ahead and deal with the clog. Waiting for that to happen is truly never the right way to deal with the problem. Keep the following information in mind, and remember to get a Sunny Plumber on the case when your drains back up on you. Call today!

Are Your Drains Gurgling?

What’s the big deal? The water goes down the drains. It just, well, takes a couple of minutes. But it goes down eventually!

If you find yourself defending just how long it takes for your drains to actually drain, then chances are that you realize there is a problem with those drains. And a gurgling noise coming from your drains is one of the first, most common signs of trouble that homeowners encounter.

The sound that you’re hearing when your drains start gurgling is the sound of air being displaced as water works its way around clogs in formation. If it helps you to think of this as your drains burping, disgusting as that concept may be, well—it’s actually pretty accurate.

Are Your Drains Bubbling?

This is a sign of the same issues—clogs forming—but with a different symptom manifesting. If your drains are bubbling, it’s again due to the displacement of air as water works its way around clogs in the drain. Again, you may be tempted to tell yourself that it’s not that big of a deal, provided that the water gets down eventually.

However, you have to keep in mind the fact that this bubbling is only temporary. Before long, nothing will be coming to the surface. The water that you’re trying to drain, though? That will stay on the surface.

Pick Up the Phone, Not the Chemical Cleaner!

We know that clogged drains, particularly those clogged drains that are not backed up entirely yet, are seemingly not as urgent as major plumbing leaks or other such problems would be. We really need to stress, though, that ignoring the problem or trying to resolve it yourself with chemical cleaners or DIY snaking attempts is really going to backfire. You’re just delaying the inevitable, at best, and the fact is that only a trained professional can be certain to resolve your plumbing problem entirely. Reach out to our team for a job done right!

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