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How Does a Septic System Work?

plumber-wrench-pipeA lot of homes these days are connected to a municipal sewer system.  There are plenty of homes that rely on their own septic systems rather than the public sewer system too,  though. If you are one of those homeowners using a septic system in Corona, CA, then you should have a basic understanding of the way in which this system works. No, you won’t ever be servicing the system on your own. Even so, basic working knowledge is always worth gaining.

When you do have any need for professional septic tank services, make sure that you schedule that service with our plumbers. We have plenty of experience working with septic systems, and we have the background knowledge necessary to work out the right pumping schedule for you. Hopefully, you’ll have no need for them, but remember that we offer septic systems repair services, too. Now, let’s take a look at the way these systems work in order to deal with the waste leaving your home.

Separate and Drain

Septic systems are, at least in concept, quite simple. Basically, they act pretty much like a huge grease trap. In order to dispose of wastewater that is all mixed in with more solid waste, the tank holds everything together in order to allow it to naturally separate out.

The top layer within the septic tank is going to be laden with grease and scum. This naturally rises to the top of the water, which is the middle layer in the tank. At the bottom is where the sludge all settles. Once the effluent is ready to be drained off, it drains into a drainfield.

But What About the Sludge and Scum?

Only the effluent is allowed to exit the septic tank. The remainder the of the waste sits in the tank. Of course, there is a finite amount of room in any septic tank. So what exactly happens to the materials left behind in storage?

They have to be pumped out of the tank. This is going to happen on a regular schedule, and you are going to want to hire trained professionals that will determine what schedule is best for you. There are a lot of factors to consider, and you don’t want to be waiting too long before pumping the tank. You also don’t want to be paying to pump it out when it is unnecessary, though.

Septic Systems Can Fail

Okay, that all sounds pretty simple. A simple operation does not mean a foolproof operation, though, and you should understand that your septic tank can indeed fail. You could have issues with your drainfield due to poor soil conditions, or excessive water use. Perhaps scum or sludge has managed to escape the septic tank during drainage.

Whatever the problem may be, you need qualified plumbers to find the solution to that problem. This is where we come in again. When septic repairs are necessary, The Sunny Plumber Corona does the job right.

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