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Is My Sewer Ejector Pump in Trouble?

technician-in-doorThe last thing you really want to run into problems with is the sewer side of your plumbing system. For very obvious reasons, problems with your sewer line or septic tank can really lead to some very unhygienic and hugely undesirable situations. There is another component that many homeowners rely on that can also run into problems, though. This is the sewer ejector pump. If the layout of your property means that gravity alone is not enough to get waste to the septic system, then you use one of these pumps.

The problem is that pumps of any kind, including a sewer ejector pump and your sump pump, are mechanical devices. Like any other mechanical device, your sewer ejector pump may fail. When that happens, the basin that your sewer ejector pump in Corona, CA pumps sewage out of can fill up. This is not a situation in which you want to come anywhere near an overflow scenario. Here are a few signs that you need to call The Sunny Plumber Corona. 

Is the Pump Not Activating?

If your ejector pump will not start up and the basin is filling, then you are in a precarious situation. Make sure that you contact a plumber right away. Ideally, you’ll also stay away from the sinks, water-using appliances, showers, and yes, your toilet, until the problem is resolved. If the basin hits capacity and you keep filling it, you are going to have a serious issue on your hands—and all over the floor.

In many cases, the fix to this problem is relatively simple. Most pumps are activated by a basic float switch, just like sump pumps. Replacing a faulty float switch is not really a major undertaking. Again, though, you want the job done quickly and you want the job done right. That’s why you want a Sunny Plumber on the job!

Is the Pump Running Continuously?

Phew, you may be thinking, I was worried there for a minute—but my pump is running. In fact, it’s always running! 

Bad news. That’s not right, either. Your sewer ejector pump is in trouble if it is running and running,  but only ejecting a small amount, or no amount, of waste/wastewater. You’ll need a qualified plumber to determine if a switch is stuck, or if there is a larger mechanical issue that may necessitate bigger repairs or the replacement of the whole pump.

Is the Pump Making Strange Sounds?

If your sewer ejector pump is making strange new sounds, like grinding or screeching, or if it making its usual operational sounds but at a much louder volume than usual, don’t write them off. This is one of the first signs of trouble that you’re likely to recognize. Take them seriously, or it won’t be long before you have a lot more warning signs popping up. Prevention is key in avoiding further damage to your pump and/or your home and surrounding property.

Schedule your sewer ejector pump services with us. Bright and shiny and won’t show our hiney.

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