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Is My Sewer Line Compromised?

drain-pipesWhat do you think of when you hear the word “plumbing?” The faucets and fixtures that pour water forth into your home? The drains that whisk that water out of your home once you are done with it? This is understandable, as these are components that you can actually see and which you have some direct interaction with. However, there is one component in your plumbing system that you may never see — unless something goes wrong with it. That is your sewer line in Corona, CA.

Your sewer line, while out of sight, really should not be completely out of mind. If any problems should develop with your sewer line, then you are going to have a seriously inconvenient issue on your hands. Early detection of sewer line problems is hugely beneficial, so you should know some warning signs that something is wrong. Here are a few to keep in mind.

  1. Sewer odors. Perhaps the most obvious sign of trouble with your sewer line is the development of sewer odors in your home. If you can smell a sewer odor coming from any of your plumbing fixtures, then you should have a professional plumber evaluate that situation as soon as possible. While you could be dealing with a situation like a blockage, a leaking sewer line is certainly possible. It is likely the case if you smell that odor out in the yard in the vicinity of your sewer line.
  2. Backed up drains. Slow-moving or backed up drains are among the most common problems that homeowners may face with their plumbing systems. In many cases, issues with items like hair or food scraps are to blame. If the problem doesn’t seem to be localized to a specific area, though, you could have problems with your sewer line. It could have collapsed or been infiltrated by tree roots, for instance.
  3. Soggy or bright green patches. Is there an area of our yard that is soggy — likely paired with a sewer odor? Have you noticed that there is a single spot in your yard that is more lush and green than others? You could have a leak in your sewer line that is essentially fertilizing that area. We can determine with certainty whether or not this is the case.

What Caused the Problem?

When you do run into a problem with your sewer line, you may be frustrated and wondering how it happened at all. It’s not as though there are moving parts that could have failed, right? Well, there are in fact many instances in which a sewer line may be compromised.

As mentioned above, tree roots may have made their way into your pipe. They seek out water sources wherever they can find them, and are incredibly determined to do so. You could have a very old sewer pipe made of galvanized steel that has corroded. Perhaps nearby construction, or even some seismic activity is to blame. Whatever the cause, you can count on our team to get your sewer line back in shape as soon as possible. From repairs to replacements, we can do the job.

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