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Plumbing Repairs: The Problem with Tree Roots

plastic-sewer-lineFor most modern homeowners, the idea of living without an indoor plumbing system is inconceivable. Every time you use the toilet, take a shower, run the dishwasher or washing machine, etc., you are counting on your plumbing system. Not only to deliver the water that you need throughout your home to the necessary fixtures and appliances, but also to drain the waste and wastewater away when the task at hand is finished.

Considering just how much we rely on our plumbing systems, it should be pretty clear just how disruptive any problems with these systems can really be. One issue that a lot of homeowners fail to see coming is damage and operational issues caused by tree root infiltration. 

Tree Roots? Really?

Yes, really! Tree roots are incredibly strong, and they know what they want. In their case, it’s water. Tree roots have a way of naturally growing toward water in order to seek nourishment for the tree, and they can be persistent in this tendency. Considering how generally dry our climate is, tree roots may be willing to bust into your sewer line in order to get to the water being drained  from your property.

The warm water that flows out of the house and into the sewer line can cause vapor to develop, and that vapor can escape through small cracks, leaks, or even poorly sealed connections in the sewer line. The tree roots will root out that moisture, following it to the source and potentially growing into the sewer line. Once that happens, a lot of different problems can develop. If you don’t do anything about the tree roots in your sewer line, then you run the risk of property damage, as well as major inconvenience.

How to Tell if Your Sewer Line Is in Trouble

The moment that you notice anything out of the ordinary with the operation of your sewer line, you should dial our number to schedule service. It is not as though you can simply visually inspect your sewer line, of course. So how are you to spot trouble?

Keep your eyes, ears, and nose open for warning symptoms of sewer line issues. Do you see slow moving drains in your home? Do you hear all of the drains in your house gurgling when you flush the toilet or drain the sinks or tub? Can you smell foul odors coming from your drains? Has your sewer already backed up into your home? Hopefully it won’t come to that, and it doesn’t have to so long as you take action at the first sign of trouble.

What’s the Solution?

Our plumbers have plenty of tools at their disposal to deal with these tree roots, including the video pipe inspection equipment necessary to determine if this is the case, as well as how serious the problem is and where it is located. We may be able to use augers in order to break up the tree roots and clean the sewer. In other cases, scour jet equipment can be used to blast the root blockage apart and to wash it away. Depending upon the amount of damage to your sewer line, further repairs may be necessary.

You can count on The Sunny Plumber Corona to complete your drain and sewer services in Corona, CA properly.

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