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Protect Your Pipes This Holiday Season

sink-drainDo you live for hosting company around the holidays? While some people definitely prefer to head to others’ homes rather than face the challenges of preparing a holiday feast, others can’t get enough of it. If you’re one of those individuals that cannot wait to dazzle company with a delicious spread, we wish you nothing but success this holiday season. We also hope that you’ll keep in mind the effects that hosting company can have on your drain and sewer system in Ontario, CA.

While our technicians are not planning on dropping by to help you with cooking prep work, we can help you o avoid trouble with your drains this season. Keep the following information in mind, so that you can keep your plumbing system performing properly over the holidays. Issues with drains and sewer lines are not a festive way to spend time with your guests. With a little attention paid to your drains and the way you handle the job, cooking for your family and friends will prove no trouble at all—at least where the plumbing is concerned.

Don’t Let Clogs Crash Your Holiday Party!

The clogged drain definitely should not be receiving any open invitations from you this holiday season. Unfortunately, this is the most common problem that we see when the big dinners of the year start to come around. There are a lot of reasons why drains may clog, and human error is behind most of them.

Remember that soaking pots and pans in the sink may be the easiest way to start cleaning. However, allowing fats and grease to go down your drain really is inadvisable. FOG, or fats, oil, and grease, can harden up and congeal when they cool down in the drains. That can lead to serious clogs. Pour off fat and grease into an empty can while still hot.

You’ll also want to avoid putting foods like beans, rice, pasta, and bread down the drain. These materials may not be rock hard, and your garbage disposal could handle them were it not for the fact that they absorb so much water. As they do, they can swell up and clog the drain.

Protect Your Bathroom Plumbing As Well!

When it comes to problems with plumbing systems around the holidays, drain clogs is not the only one to keep in mind. A lot of issues may result due to increased traffic in the bathroom, as well. This is especially true if you are inviting guests to stay at your home

This is one of those times when you see how much annual maintenance of your drain and sewer lines can really pay off. If your bathroom sink, shower, or toilet should back up, don’t just dump caustic chemical cleaners down there. It’s just not an effective means of clearing a line out, and those chemicals can even damage your pipes.

We realize that you may be hesitant to schedule professional plumbing services over the holidays. However, it really beats the alternative of just letting problems get worse and worse. When a plunger won’t cut it, calling in a professional is the way to go. Let The Sunny Plumber SoCal know when you’re ready for some help.

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