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Is My Sewer Line in Trouble?

sunny-plumberThere are certain parts of your home that are vitally important but that you probably do not think about all that much. Your sewer line would certainly fall into this category. If you do spend much time on a daily basis thinking about your sewer line, well, you’re definitely in the minority there! That doesn’t change the fact that your sewer line has a very important, if not all that pleasant, job to do. That’s why trouble with your sewer line is so disruptive.

As you can imagine—and without getting into too much detail—problems with your sewer line can lead to some very serious issues both within and around your home. Fortunately for you, our professional plumbers have some tips to help you spot problems with your sewer lines early. Okay, so maybe that’s not exactly “fortunate,” but it’s the best case scenario in a rather unfortunate situation nonetheless. Remember to call The Sunny Plumber SoCal for great plumbing in Pomona.

Rely on Multiple Senses for Best Results

The old phrase goes “keep your eyes open”. While there are some visible symptoms that you may notice around your home, there are also others that will be detected with your other senses. You probably see where this is going. Here are some potential signs of trouble to be aware of.

  • Do you hear gurgling sounds coming from your drains? It may just be a localized clog—if it’s happening in a localized area of your home. If drains throughout your entire house are starting to gurgle and bubble at you, though, then you may be looking at a problem much deeper in the system. Have it dealt with before more serious symptoms start to develop.
  • Do you feel soggy spots in the yard? We don’t exactly get a lot of heavy rain around here, so a soggy patch in your yard is something of an anomaly. You could actually have a leaky water line, and we’re betting that you may not really know which line runs where on your property. That brings us to our next point.
  • Do you smell sewage? A soggy patch on your lawn may not lead you to think that you have a sewer line problem. If that patch smells like an open sewer, however,  chances are that you’re dealing with something of that nature. It’s not just outside, either. You may start to smell that odor coming up from drains and toilets in your home, and that is definitely cause for concern.
  • Do you see backups happening throughout your home? Trust us when we tell you that you really don’t want to encounter this particular issue. It’s disgusting and it’s unsanitary. There is no point in sugar coating it. If you have a sewage backup, don’t panic. Contact us immediately so that we can mitigate the problem as much as possible.

You can count on us to get your sewer line back on track, so contact us at the first sign of trouble.

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