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Skip Those Drain Cleaning Tips

sunny-lumberSome plumbing problems are straight up emergencies—ruptured water lines, sewer line backups, etc. Other problems are still problems, but they are not quite emergencies. So, no big deal, right? You’ll get to them when you get to them? If you don’t see where this is going, then chances are that you have not visited our site before. No! Just because a problem is not an emergency does not mean that you can just allow it to languish.

What we are going to focus on today is the issue of drain cleaning. More specifically, why it is really best to leave your drain cleaning needs in the hands of a qualified, professional plumber in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Yes, we know that there are plenty of DIY tips out there for how you can clean your drains on your own. We also know that we’ve dealt with a lot of clients that have learned firsthand that these tips really are not worth all that much. 

DIY Drain Cleaning Is Simply Ineffective

We’re not going to tell you that you cannot give it a shot when it comes to dislodging a clog in a drain.  However, there is a major difference between doing that and actually cleaning out a drain thoroughly. When drains are professionally and thoroughly cleaned, you’re not going to need to “give it a shot” very frequently anymore.

You can certainly try to use a plunger to loosen up a clog if you seem to have an issue with just a single drain. You can even try something as simple as pouring some boiling water down the drain in an effort to soften it up. These attempts might work—or they may just wind up pushing a clog down further.

Okay, you may be thinking, so some chemical drain cleaner it is! Well, the issue with that is the fact that the cleaner will probably only clear enough of the clog to allow itself to pass through. That may make it seem like the cleaner has worked at first, but before long the pipe will probably prove impassable once again. Drain snakes may be a better alternative, but they have a limited reach and, again you may well just wind up forcing the snake through the clog rather than totally dislodging it.

Professionals Are Better Equipped and Extensively Trained

What are you going to do if the clog is much further down in the system than you realized? How will you know if your attempts were at all successful? Why not just hire professionals that will not only be able to do the job right, but that will also be able to measure the success of their efforts before proclaiming the job done?

You simply do not have the training and experience to do that, but our plumbers do. Keep in mind that clogged drains are not just minor inconveniences. They can lead to real damages and severe backups if left to their own devices. Get The Sunny Plumber SoCal on the case to have it solved correctly. 

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