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What Can Damage My Sewer Line?

sunny-plumbersToo much, if you ask us!

We are willing to wager that you do not really think about your sewer line all that much. Why would you?  Its function is as far from glamorous as you can get, removing waste and wastewater from your property. Plus, you literally cannot see it, so “out of sight, out of mind” can come into play.

The fact that the function of your sewer line is such a common part of your daily life, however, does not really mean that you can afford to put it out of mind.

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, there are a lot of ways in which your sewer line may suffer damages. Even more unfortunate is the fact that you simply cannot avoid them all. Some of them are caused by issues well beyond your control. Even so, we think that it is in your best interest to have a general grasp of the situation. So read on, and contact The Sunny Plumber SoCal with any concerns that you may have (or, at least, the plumbing-related ones!).

Clogs. Serious, Deep Clogs.

When you have trouble flushing the toilet on the first try, you get annoyed. You tried to plunge it, maybe you dump some sort of chemical cleaner down it, but then what? Well, you had better call in a professional plumber if the problem is not resolved. Why? Because that clog could be deep in the sewer line, and there could be a lot of pressure building up as a result.

When you think of such issues, you may think of a backup first and foremost. And yes, this is obviously a major concern. That being said, a burst sewer line is also a major concern! And yes, it is a possibility! If you are running into issues with frequent clogs, contact us to have the problem addressed. It could even be indicative of another problem, such as:

Tree Roots Busting In

Yes, really. Tree roots are incredibly strong. Stronger than the material and connections of your sewer line, at times. And they are always seeking nourishment. The waste and wastewater moving through your sewer line can provide that. Which is precisely why these roots will sometimes force themselves into the pipe!

When that happens, they can really wreak havoc. They can cause clogs, and they can really decimate the pipe itself. Because the pipe is buried, you may not realize this right away. Trust us when we tell you, though, that by the time you do notice, you want to have the issue fixed immediately.

Shifting Soil

Is there construction in your area? Seismic activity? Such things can lead to damaged sewer lines, too. Remember when we said that there is nothing you can do about certain issues causing damage? This is definitely the case in such scenarios.

While you cannot shut down construction sites or ward off seismic events, you can dial our number if you suspect a problem with your sewer line, regardless. We’re always here to help.

Schedule your drain and sewer services with us. Bright and shiny and won’t show our hiney.

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