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Why Are My Drains Clogged?

water-drainingBecause you depend on your plumbing system each and every day, and for so many different purposes, it is understandably upsetting to discover a problem of any kind with one’s plumbing system. This does not mean just leaks, either. While leaks in your supply plumbing are a serious issue and can lead to real trouble, issues with the drainage side of the system can prove problematic as well.

Fortunately — or as “fortunate” as can be when discussing plumbing problems of any kind — there are plenty of signs that all is not well with your drains. In fact, the most obvious sign of trouble — the clogged drain — is also one of the common problems! There are a number of reasons as to why you may encounter clogged drains in Corona, CA. Keep the following information in mind, and be sure to contact us if you have any concerns about your drains.

What Causes Drains to Drain Slowly?

If your drains are slowing down or are stopped up entirely, you may be asking yourself just where you went wrong. This is understandable, but you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself. There are plenty of situations that can lead to clogged drains that are simply beyond the homeowner’s control. That being said, there is a lot of user error involved in most cases of clogged drains. Here are a few potential causes of the problem.

  • Putting inappropriate materials down the drain is by and large the most common cause of all clogs. When you are soaking pans to wash, get as much grease out as possible beforehand. Shaving? Wipe your whiskers out of the sink or shower rather than letting them go down the drain. Regardless of what the packaging says, it’s also best to dispose of personal wipes, hygiene products, etc. in the trash rather than risking a clog by flushing them.
  • Tree roots could also be to blame, and there is really nothing you can do to prevent it. Trees are fighters, and they need nourishment. Sometimes, that means busting into drain and sewer lines to get at the water within. Is every drain in your house stopped up? Then you could certainly have a sewer line full of roots that must be cleared out.
  • Misuse of the garbage disposal could also play a role in clogged drains. Some homeowners overestimate what their garbage disposals can do. You cannot put, say, pasta or rice down the disposal, as it can swell up in the drain and cause clogs. Grease should also be kept out of the drain, regardless of whether you have a disposal or not. It will congeal when it cools, and no amount of grinding is going to prevent the issue.

The Sunny Plumber Corona offers a lot of different drain and sewer services, including scour jet service and drain and sewer cleaning. Contact us if you run into any problems with your drains. We’ll make sure that the job is done right.

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