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3 Common Shower Plumbing Problems

sunny-plumbersEver see a movie set in a time before indoor plumbing was a thing? As in, filling a bucket of water. Heating that water over a fire. Dumping that water into the tub. Bathing before that water can cool down too drastically?

What a drag!

Keep that in mind next time you decide that a problem with your shower plumbing in Corona, CA is too minor to worry about. When you think of how much more convenient and hygienic life with running water is today, it will become instantly clear that no problem with your shower plumbing should be ignored!

Leaks of Any Kind

When talking about shower leaks, you’re probably talking about one of two scenarios. You’ve got a shower head that is leaking and dripping, or you’ve got a shower that is leaking. Both are trouble, but a leaking shower can do real damage to your home. If you have a leaky shower head, you may benefit from some teflon tape wrapped around the threads of the pipe and the shower head’s connection.

If you notice that there is water around your shower once you’re done using it, though, if there is water staining on walls near the shower, or even if there is staining on ceilings/walls beneath your shower, you may have a more serious leak on hand. It may be a leak with a pipe behind the wall. It may be a leak in the sealant and caulking used to keep your shower watertight. Whatever the case may be, you need to act fast to avoid serious water damage in your home.

Clogged Drains

If there were a single plumbing problem that we’d point to as almost never being taken as seriously as it should be, surely it is the clogged drain. We know, we know. It seems like a clogged shower drain is just an inconvenience. But it could also be indicative of more serious problems. Hard water could be constricting your drain line by leaving deposits in it. You could have an issue with your sewer line that is manifesting in your shower drain first, but that will ultimately lead to backups throughout the house.

Or you may just need to be more careful about keeping hair out of the drain! Do your part to limit drain clogs by putting a trap over the drain and cleaning it out regularly. You should also brush your hair out before you take a shower, removing any loose strands before shampooing. That way, you’ll just have to clean your comb out—and you won’t need to hire a professional for that particular cleaning task.

Low Water Pressure

If you’ve always dealt with low water pressure in your shower, it’s possible you need to install a water pressure regulator that will maintain proper pressure. If it’s a new occurrence specific to the shower, the you could definitely have a leak that is leading to low pressure. And if it’s not unique to the shower, then you may have a main water line leak that will require repairs to get pressure throughout the home back up to suitable levels.

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