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3 Reasons to Call a Professional Plumber

sunny-plumberEven the most ardent DIY enthusiasts need to realize that there are certain problems that they may face in their homes that will require professional intervention. In many cases, reaching for the toolbox rather than the telephone is going to land you in some serious hot water. You may wind up doing more damage than would otherwise would have developed, or you may mistakenly believe that you’ve done a job well, only to discover you barely scratched the surface just a bit down the road.

Today, we are going to discuss 3 instances in which you should definitely call a professional plumber in Corona, CA. We understand that the enterprising homeowner in you may bristle a bit at doing so, but trust us when we tell you that we only have your best interest in mind. Truth be told, we’d stand to make a profit by allowing you to make failed attempts to service your system on your own, and then swooping in to repair things when they’ve gone wrong. But that’s not what The Sunny Plumber SoCal is all about! 

Your Drains Are Backed Up Throughout the House

We are not going to tell you that you can never handle a drain clog on your own. If just one drain is clogged, or is bubbling or gurgling, have a got at it if you so desire. You may be able to clear that drain with your plunger, or even via the old coat hanger trick. However, if drains throughout your home are giving you trouble, then you should really rethink your approach.

When drains in different areas of the house are all clogged up—or even backing up—all at once, you could be looking at a clog in the sewer line. Before long, without effective cleaning measures from a professional plumber, you could have a truly unsanitary problem to deal with. Don’t think for a second that dumping a bunch of ineffective chemical cleaners down the drains is going to do the job.

You Can Hear Running Water (but Aren’t Using Any)

If there is one clear sign of trouble with your plumbing system that you may notice in your home, it is the sound of running or dripping water when you are not actually using any. Now, there is no reason to fly into a panic. You may simply have failed to shut a faucet off all of the way, or maybe somebody threw in a load of wash that you weren’t aware of.

If this is not the case, though, don’t ignore the problem just because you don’t see signs of a leak. The source of leaks and the actual locations in which damage shows up can vary widely. Anytime you can hear water running, even just a trickle, when there is none in use is the point at which you should be scheduling professional leak detection services.

You Smell Gas

Yep, that sulfuric odor sure is distinctive. In fact, it is so by design. Natural gas is naturally odorless, with that stink added to it to protect your safety.

We’re keeping this one brief. If you ever smell natural gas in your home or on your property, get out and call the appropriate authorities. Your safety could really be at risk. If you need gas piping services, count on our plumbers to get the job done right.

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