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3 Water Treatment Systems to Consider

sunny-plumberDo you assume that your water is of a high quality? Why do you make that assumption? Because it comes from a municipal supply? Because it is treated before making its way to your home? Well, that may be true. But that doesn’t mean the water is still of a high quality when it makes it to your home! In fact, water can pick up a lot of undesirable pollutants en route.

Of course, you should never assume that your water is of a high quality if it comes from a private source, either. Private water supplies need to be tested regularly. This all begs the question of: what’s next?  Well, what’s next is giving our team a call! We’ll make sure that you have the right water treatment systems in Corona, CA, for your needs. There is no one system that does it all.

1. Water Filtration Systems

A water filtration system is the most straightforward of all water treatment systems. Just remember that even a straightforward system like this needs to be installed and serviced by a trained, professional plumber. Why? Because we are not talking about filtering pitchers or a little attachment that snaps onto a faucet. We are talking about a whole-house water filtration system.

These systems are installed at your water connection. This ensures that literally every drop of water coming into your home is filtered. Water filtration systems are ideal if you have larger pollutants in your water, including any sediment. Maintenance is minimal. You’ll just need to change out or clean the filter cartridge on a regular basis.

2. Reverse Osmosis Systems

RO systems offer an incredible return on your investment. Now, they are going to set you back a little more than a basic water filtration system. That’s true. However, they are also going to do an incredible job of filtering your water. And you don’t even have to worry about mechanical processes failing or energy use. RO systems use natural water pressure, not pumps!

Basically, a reverse osmosis system uses the pressure on one side of a filtering material to force water through that membrane. The pollutants are filtered out in the process. These systems are very effective at removing much smaller pollutants than basic water filtration systems can.

3. Water Softeners

There are certain issues with your water that may actually make you sick, and you may need something like a chemical feed pump to resolve that type of problem. Then there are issues that won’t make you sick, but which can still cause a number of major headaches in your home.

Hard water is one such issue. Fortunately, it’s one that we can pretty easily resolve for you. We install and service salt and saltless water softener systems, and we’ll help you determine which is best for your needs. Hard water leaves ugly deposits on fixtures. Those deposits can also clog pipes and build up in appliances like water heaters.

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