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3 Ways That Plumbing Leaks Cause You Problems

technician-in-doorIt is probably not too surprising to hear that plumbing leaks are the most common problems that homeowners encounter with their plumbing systems in Corona, CA—and everywhere else, really. With all of the plumbing pipes, fixtures, appliances, and connections that we have in our modern homes and on our property, it’s really only a matter of time before a plumbing leak of some kind develops. Unfortunately, some folks mistake the common nature of plumbing leaks as meaning they’re not a big deal.

That’s a very dangerous attitude to have. Plumbing leaks come in a lot of shapes and sizes, and some will obviously be a bit more urgent than others. If you ask us, though, all plumbing leaks really ought to be dealt with immediately. We’ve yet to really see a leak just fix itself, so it’s going to require professional intervention at some point.  Why not get out ahead of the problem before it spawns even bigger issues?

Water Damage

Water is a great thing. A necessary thing. And a thing with a whole lot of potential for damaging effects. Water is incredibly powerful, able to carve grand canyons into our earth over a long enough time span. And you know what? The time span for doing damage in your home is significantly shorter than a project of that magnitude would require! Even those “minor” leaks can cause real damage when you give them the opportunity by ignoring the issue.

Keep in mind the fact that relatively little of your plumbing system is actually out in the open where you see and interact with it regularly. A lot of it is hidden away, and that means that the effects of it may be hidden away at the start, as well. By the time you actually notice a leak, it’s best to recognize that some trouble may already be brewing, and view this as a chance to intervene before things get worse.


Damp conditions aren’t great for people to be living in. Now, you obviously don’t want your house to be bone dry or anything. There are many good reasons for maintaining proper humidity levels in one’s home. However, you don’t want a persistent dampness, and certainly not one that is outside of your control.

Not only can it lead to issues like wood rot and warped floorboards, but water leaks that create dampness can also promote mold growth in your home. You don’t want to be breathing air of a compromised quality because you didn’t act soon enough when water started leaking.


How often do you walk over to the trash barrel to throw out your pennies, because they’re only worth one cent? We’re betting the answer is never. Now, is a single drop of water going to really drive up water costs in your home? No, but just like pennies saved in a jar can really add up over time, so do those drops of water—but you’re not saving them.

Every drop of water that goes down your drains without being used is waste. You are paying for it. So stop wasting it!

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