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4 Tips to Avoid Plumbing Emergencies This Week

kids-messing-with-toiletThere is a chance that you are one of many people who is going to have loved ones come by for Thanksgiving this year. Enjoying the company of loved ones as safely as possible is all well and good but we want to make sure you are avoiding some of the troubles that can come with this holiday–plumbing problems to be specific.

Thanksgiving especially can see all sorts of plumbing issues when you really need your plumbing systems to be in the best shape possible. While not every issue is 100% preventable, using the tips we have here can greatly reduce your chances of needing to contact a plumber in Corona, CA when you’d rather be catching up with your family.

4 Tips To Help Your Plumbing Before the Holidays

Here are some tips to help you get through the holidays without the hassle of last-minute plumbing problems.

  1. Make sure nothing harmful goes down the drain: There are too many people who think their garbage disposal is indestructible. Not only that, but there is a common misconception that their drains can handle anything you put down them. Neither of these is true. Fat, oils, and grease, along with fibrous food, bones, and hard foods, aren’t meant to go into the drains because they increase the likelihood of a clog. If needed, create a complete list of food that shouldn’t go down the drain and post it next to the sink to avoid problems.
  2. Try to keep kids out of the sinks and toilets: Yes your nieces and nephews are adorable. That doesn’t mean that everything they do is cute though. Try to keep the kids far away from toilets or other drains where they may be tempted to dump items that don’t belong. No one wants to have to struggle to try to get their keys or a beloved action figure out of the toilet in the middle of dinner.
  3. Consider a system to boost your water quality: Do you deal with hard water? If you notice build-up in your pipes, residue on your plates and dinnerware, or your water has a metallic taste to it, the answer is likely yes. Hard water isn’t bad for you but it can reduce the lifespan of your plumbing. Investing in a water treatment system to address hard water can save multiple headaches.
  4. Schedule water leak detection to avoid worsening leaks: Do you think you have a leak? If you’ve noticed the sound of running water without a resource or you pick up on low water pressure, you might. Even a small leak can cause big problems. You can schedule leak detection and repairs with a professional team like us to ensure the issue is fixed before the family arrives.

Even with all the best practices and precautions in the world, plumbing problems may still pop up. When they do, it helps to have a team to turn to for help.

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