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Common Bathroom Plumbing Problems

shower-head-runningIn terms of residential plumbing, your bathroom is definitely one of the central areas of the system. There is your sink, the toilet, the bathtub/shower—it all adds up to a lot of supply pipes and drains in one concentrated location. It is easy to take your bathroom plumbing for granted, in spite of how vital it is to your daily routine, though. Easy, that is, until something should go wrong with the system. Remember, it’s not just the plumbing emergencies that you’ll have to worry about.

We know that it can be easy to ignore the more “minor” issues that you may encounter with your bathroom plumbing system, but trust us. Even the more “minor” issues can cause some big problems over time. Make sure that you contact a professional plumber in Ontario, CA when you run into issues of any kind with your bathroom plumbing. The sooner, the better. Otherwise, you’ll learn very quickly just how disruptive even “minor” issues can become.

Leaking Faucets

There are some plumbing issues that will wake you up in the middle of the night and have you dashing over to the phone in order to schedule emergency plumbing repairs. A leaky faucet is almost certainly not going to instigate such a reaction. However, you really should not downplay a leaking faucet as a simple nuisance or annoyance. It’s a problem that demands a resolution.

Over time, all of that wasted water is really going to add up, even if the amount wasted drip by drip seems minuscule. You don’t drive around tossing change out of your car, we’re willing to bet. Have a professional repair or replace any leaking faucets in your home, so that you can enjoy long-term energy savings.

Slow-Moving Drains

You take a quick, refreshing shower before starting the workday, only to find yourself standing in a few inches of water by the time you’re done. It’s annoying, right? Well, it’s much more than just “annoying”. Again, you’re looking at a problem that needs to be resolved by a professional in a timely manner.

Slow-moving drains may be the result of shallow clogs. They could be early warning signs of more serious issues with your drain and sewer system, though. This is an instance in which gambling on the outcome has no potential for a big payoff. Schedule professional drain cleaning to have the issue resolved, or to have further issues brought to light.

Toilet Issues

Is your toilet running nonstop? A simple flapper readjustment may be enough to solve the problem. Is it leaking, though? From where? You may have a leak in the tank itself, which will necessitate a full replacement. Conversely, you may just have loose or rotting bolts at the bottom of the tank.

Any problem with your toilet is not one that can wait. From long periods of running to frequent backups, red flags should definitely be raised when your toilet is not functioning precisely as it ought to be. This is one fixture that you really cannot live without! Contact The Sunny Plumber SoCal with any concerns that you may have.

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