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Do I Need a Water Softener?

sunny-plumber-logoFor the majority of homeowners, the mention of “plumbing problems” is immediately going to bring to mind burst pipes, overflowing toilets, and stubborn clogs. These are not the only types of problems that you may encounter with your plumbing system, however. Specifically,  you may run into problems with the quality of the water that courses through your plumbing system. The problems can be quite serious—even if they are not actually going to make you or anyone in your home sick.

Why? Because, even if they do not pose a health risk for your family, certain water quality issues can pose a health risk for your plumbing system! If you want to keep your plumbing system in prime working condition, for instance, you are not going to want to ignore problems with hard water in your home! We’re not talking about ice, either. Before we get into what, exactly, hard water is, we’ll tell you right up front that using a water softener in Corona, CA is your best solution.

What’s the Big Deal with Hard Water, Anyway?

So let me get this straight. There is water coming out of my fixtures, right? And that water is draining out my tub and sinks, right? And it is not going to make me sick, right?  So let me ask you something. 

Why Should I Care About Hard Water?

We get it, and we are happy to answer your question. First, you have to understand what hard water actually is.

Hard water is simply water that has to high of a mineral content. Typically, we’re looking at higher-than-ideal levels of calcium and magnesium. The issue is that hard water leaves behind hard water deposits. As these deposits build up in your plumbing system’s pipes, they will start to restrict water flow through the system. This can result in disruption of pressure levels, leading to problems with low water pressure coming out of the fixtures, and potentially increased pressure in blocked areas.

It’s Not Just a Problem in the Pipes, Though

Okay, so you think that you can live with hard water deposits in your pipes. What about all over your plumbing fixtures, though? Those are definitely a lot harder to ignore.

Frankly, hard water is just going to make your plumbing fixtures look ugly. It leaves behind that greenish-white goop that you see sometimes around faucets and in tubs. In addition to looking ugly, it can really reduce the effectiveness and efficiency of water-using appliances. It can lead to very serious problems with your water heater. And it can even make getting your clothes clean and your body and hair effectively washed a challenge!

If you think that you deserve better than this—which we certainly do—then we strongly recommend that you use a water softener that will swap out the hard water minerals for harmless sodium ions. It’s a simple process that you really don’t have to worry about once the system is in place, other than occasionally adding more salt solution to the softener as needed. Contact The Sunny Plumber SoCal with any questions that you may have.

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