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Do I Really Need a Sump Pump?

sunny-plumber-logoWhile we can understand why homeowners might be leery of a plumbing contractor telling them that they need to invest in new equipment that they’ve never really required before—after all, not all plumbers are honest as The Sunny Plumber—that doesn’t change the fact that having a sump pump in Corona, CA, is most definitely in your best interest. Think of it this way. You insure your car to protect yourself and others when you’re on the road, but you never plan or even expect to be in a collision, right?

Of course not. And you probably don’t really expect or plan for the lowest level of your home to take on a bunch of water all at once, either. It’s not like we have heavy rainfall or rapid snowmelt to worry about in this area. That’s the point, though. A sump pump is insurance against damages to your property should such flooding occur. Is it something that you’ll need every day? No. Is it something that you’ll want to spring into action when you do need it? Absolutely.

How They Work

A sump pump is the type of system that you really can set and forget. Actually, you don’t even need to set it! You just hire a trained professional like ours to install the sump pump for you, and then you leave it alone—mostly. We do recommend that you pour a few gallons of water into the sump pit occasionally just to test it out and make sure that it is functioning properly. You don’t really need to maintain the unit, and you don’t need to check in on it daily or even weekly, but you do want to be sure that it’ll be there for you when you need it.

Sump pumps operate with a basic float switch, meaning that they kick on when water in the sump pit hits a certain level. When you fill the sump pump to that activation level, it should run and pump water out of the pit until the water level is back below that activation point. If it doesn’t start up when the water reaches that level, then you know that you’ve got a problem on your hands.

How They’re Installed

As mentioned above, sump pump installations require the excavation of a sump pit. This is just one reason why it’s so important that a trained professional handles your sump pump installation. Submersible sump pumps are the most common type of system, and the units themselves are submerged in the water that stands in the pit itself. This helps keep them cool during operation, and also muffles sound.

However, pedestal pumps may also be used if the sump pit is not large enough to accommodate the submersion of a sump pump. This actually makes it easier to access the pump for service, though this type of installation can result in a noisier operation. We’ll determine what type of sump pump/pump installation will best serve your needs.

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