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Don’t Let Low Water Pressure Go Unresolved

sunny-plumberIf your sewer line were to break, or you had a basement full of water, you’d probably be in plumbing emergency mode. You’d waste no time in getting one of our Sunny Plumbers out to your property, fast, and you’d expect us to fix the problem in a swift manner. However, other problems with your plumbing in Corona, CA, may not elicit as immediate a reaction. Keep in mind that just because something is not an obvious emergency doesn’t mean it’s not a priority.

Take low water pressure, for instance. There’s a reason we’re dedicating an entire blog post to the subject. This is one of those issues that we simply see too many homeowners take too lightly. And sometimes, that can have some pretty serious consequences for those overly confident homeowners. Fact is that it’s not always just a minor annoyance and, if you ask us, even a minor annoyance is more than you should be willing to put up with with your plumbing system!

Is This a Single-Fixture Issue?

There are a lot of different potential causes of low water pressure in a residential system. One assessment to make right off of the bat is the extent of the problem. This can help you and us to get a handle on it. Ask yourself this—is it a problem throughout the entire house, or is it only affecting a single fixture in the house? This is very valuable information in terms of diagnosing the problem.

If only one area is affected, like a single sink or your shower head, then chances are high that you are dealing with a leak in the water supply pipe servicing that fixture. You may not be able to see the leak, but our team will be able to pinpoint it to resolve it. Occasionally, the problem may even be with the fixture itself, like if hard water deposits have clogged it up a bit.

Is It a Whole-House Issue?

As you can probably guess, low water pressure throughout an entire house is typically indicative of a more pervasive problem. It could be an issue like a leak in your main water line, for instance, and if so then you definitely need the problem resolved ASAP! This is a major leak that could do real damage, potentially to the foundation of your home, if not handled in a timely manner.

We recommend that you take a look at your water meter, shut all of the water in the house off for an hour, then check it again. If you have a leak in your main water line, depending on the location of the leak, that meter will still be rising. That will tell you that water is being distributed, even though it’s not in use. Also keep an eye out for soggy, swampy areas in your yard.

Don’t hesitate to ask your neighbors if they’re experiencing a sudden drop in water pressure, too. If they are, it may be a municipal issue that you weren’t informed of yet. Contacting your local utility might get you a time frame of when to expect things to return to normal.

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