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Have You Heard of Copper Pinhole Leaks?

sunny-plumberWhile the basic tenets of plumbing have not seen much in the way of major upheaval over the years, there is no denying that plumbing technology has seen a lot of improvement. This includes not only plumbing systems, like tankless water heaters,  but also plumbing materials in general. Today, the copper pipe is definitely a foundation of the plumbing industry.  It’s easy to understand why, considering how durable and long-lasting these pipes are. Unfortunately, they’re also often overestimated.

We’re not saying that copper pipes aren’t a great option, or that they don’t actually last all that long. We are saying that they are not the total solution to plumbing leak problems that some homeowners think they are. You’ll learn this the hard way if you grow overconfident with your plumbing system in Corona, CA. Today, we’re going to talk about one issue that copper pipes are subject to—copper pinhole leaks. We’ll also make sure that you know how to spot them.

What Are Copper Pinhole Leaks?

When some homeowners think of plumbing leaks, they think of the most dramatic representation of the problem. Pipes bursting open, spewing water everywhere, or a main water line broken apart and flooding the front lawn. In many cases, though, a plumbing leak is going to be a much more subdued situation. That doesn’t make them any less damaging, though. In fact, because they’re not always quite as obvious, such leaks can wind up doing even more damage over a longer period of time!

Copper pinhole leaks are leaks that actually occur from the inside out of copper pipes. Some corrosion will begin within the pipe, and eventually that corrosion will punch all the way through the pipe’s surface and result in an exterior leak. Due to their very nature, it is very difficult to identify such leaks in development. There are plenty of warning signs to be aware of, though, that can help you to catch them as soon as possible.

Signs of Copper Pinhole Leaks

The most obvious sign of a leak is, of course—water coming out of the pipe! Copper pinhole leaks start off really small, though, and they develop gradually. It’s best to catch them early, and water visibly spilling from them is not an early indication of a problem.

If you should notice “dimpling” on your copper pipes, then you should suspect pinhole leaks. What you’re seeing, also called “pitting,” is the result of the degradation of the interior of the pipe. You may also start to notice a weathered look on your pipes, a result of water leaking in very small amounts that is only going to get worse. Remember too that water is going to follow gravity’s natural path, so if you find water but don’t see these warning signs, you may just not be looking in the right place.

Schedule Professional Repairs, Fast

Just because you have some pinhole leaks in your copper piping does not mean you’ll have to repipe your entire house. Oftentimes we can replace just the affected section. Keep in mind that you may need to deal with underlying causes, like issues of water quality,  to prevent the problem from recurring. We’ll make sure you’re handling the issue the right way, every step of the way.

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