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Hire Professionals to Find Your Water Leaks

If you ask any plumber in Rancho Cucamonga what the most common problems he or she faces on a day to day basis are, we’re willing to bet that “leaks” would come up extremely frequently. Yes, the pipe is a relatively simple component. No, there are not moving parts or complex electronic controls in a basic pipe. No, that does not mean that your pipes themselves will never run into problems. Regardless of whether a pipe has corroded through, been damaged, or has a bad connection at a terminal point, you need to resolve the problem fast.


There are a number of reasons why it is vital to work with a professional plumber when it comes to repairing leaks. Ensuring everything is up to code, guaranteeing that no further problems are caused in the process, and so on. One of the most important reasons, however,  is the fact that you need that leak to be located precisely and quickly. When you work with The Sunny Plumber SoCal, you don’t have to worry about us tearing apart your home just to find the source of a leak!

What Are the Warning Signs of a Water Leak?

So, first things first—when do you call for leak detection services/plumbing repairs? After all, it is not as though every pipe in your home, or even the majority of them, is visible to the naked eye. So how is it that you’re supposed to spot the signs of trouble? By knowing what to look for, of course! And listen for! And feel for, as it just so happens! Get all of your senses involved and contact us with any concerns that you may have regarding:

  • Spikes in water bills despite the fact that you’ve not been using any more water than usual in your home.
  • Hot spots under your feet, which could mean that you’ve got a leak under the floor.
  • The sound of running water in your home when you are not actually using any.
  • Warping of your floorboards/tiles being pushed up from the ground.
  • Stains along the base of your walls or on carpets/wallpaper.
  • Musty odors permeating throughout the house.

Okay, I’ve Spotted the Warning Signs. Why Hire a Professional?

Because we’ll find the source of the leak promptly and with minimal disruption to your home. Remember, water can travel a long way, following gravity, before it arrives at a point where the leak is recognized. Punching holes into walls and looking around for leaks just is not going to cut it, nor is it at all necessary in this day and age.

Using leak detection equipment such as sonic listening devices that actually allow us to hear where leaks our coming from, our plumbers can intervene before more serious damage is done to your property. Remember, even “minor” leaks can do major damage if you give them the time. Once we’ve pinpointed the leak, we’ll be able to expose it without causing unnecessary damage to the surrounding area of your property.

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