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Keep an Eye Out for Sink Problems

under-sinkThere are a few components in any residential plumbing system that homeowners have a  lot of hands-on interaction with. Among these are the shower/bathtub, the toilet, and, of course, the sinks in the home. Chances are that you’ve got at least two, with one in the kitchen and one in your bathroom. If your sinks should develop problems of any kind, then you are going to need to resolve them right away. The longer that you wait, the more trouble you’re going to encounter.

Just because water is not spewing all over your home doesn’t mean that issues with your sinks should not be resolved in a prompt manner. Whatever the issue may be, it is absolutely in your best interest to schedule your sink plumbing services with a professional plumber in Huntington Beach as soon as possible. There may be a lot of “how-to” videos to watch online, but no amount of them will give you the skills and expertise that our professional plumbers possess.

Dripping Faucets

This is definitely one of the most common problems that we encounter with sinks in residential and commercial properties alike. There are a few reasons why a faucet may start to drip, and the fix is usually pretty simple. That being said, a “simple” fix for a professional plumber doesn’t equate to a problem that doesn’t demand prompt attention.

If you hear your faucets dripping at night, you are probably not going to spring up out of bed in order to schedule emergency plumbing services.  However, keep in mind that a faucet at the rate of one drip per second can waste more than 3,000 gallons of water in a single year. Don’t flush your money down the drain!

Slow Drains

When your drains start to move slowly, you shouldn’t convince yourself that it’s no big deal just because they are not clogged up entirely. You need to have those drains cleaned professionally in order to restore full functionality to your sinks. After you wash your face and brush your teeth, the water that you used to do so should be slowly making its way down the drain.

Even if your drains seem to be moving decently quick, you should take into account warning signs like gurgling coming from those drains. A backed up drain is a major inconvenience, and the imbalance of pressure in the system can actually put plumbing component at risk.


Is there water under your sink or in the surrounding area? You could have a leak somewhere other than a faucet. Perhaps the leak is in the supply line to the sink, which delivers the water that you need to the fixture. It could also be in the drain assembly beneath the sink. Typically, this will require a straightforward replacement by your plumber.

If the sink itself is cracked, however, you’ll need to replace that sink. Generally speaking, there is no way to effectively repair a sink with a leak in the bowl itself. Let The Sunny Plumber SoCal know if you have any questions.

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