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Kitchen Plumbing Problem Tips

sunny-plumbersIf you are looking for a plumber that will tell you that you will never run into problems with your kitchen plumbing, provided that you schedule your kitchen plumbing services in Corona, CA with them, keep on looking. There is nothing for you to see here. Why not? Because honesty and integrity are what we have to offer, along with exceptional plumbing services, and the fact is that you will run into problems with your kitchen plumbing at some point.

When that happens—not “if” that happens—we are here to assist you and to get your kitchen plumbing system back on track. Sometimes that is actually as simple as giving you some pointers on how to avoid kitchen plumbing problems and how to resolve some basic ones that you may encounter. So read on, and remember that The Sunny Plumber SoCal is here for all of your plumbing needs, kitchen-based or otherwise. 

Your Faucet Is Dripping

This is a very common problem. A dripping faucet is also one of those problems that are so common that some homeowners seem to think they don’t even really need to deal with it. This is not entirely true, though—in fact, it is not true at all! While the leak may look “minor” and you are probably right in not declaring a leaking faucet and emergency, the fact remains that you are going to want to have it repaired sooner than later.

You may notice that the faucet itself is dripping, or you may notice that there is water pooling around the base of the faucet where it meets with the sink fixture. You could have a cracked gasket or O-ring, though detachable faucets may also have leaks in the fabric of the extendable hose. Your best bet in such instances is definitely to have a professional resolve the problem.

Your Drain Is Clogged

Clogged drains can strike anywhere, but they seem particularly fond of kitchen sinks. This is not really a surprise, considering the fact that you are washing dishes and what have you in this sink. It is nearly impossible not to get food scraps of some kind down the drain, even when you’re trying to be careful. That is why we suggest that you contact us when your drain is clogged, rather than turning to ineffective, corrosive chemical cleaners.

Of course, avoiding clogs from the start is your best option here. Keep drain covers in place, do your best to limit any food waste that goes down the drains, and be sure not to put FOG (fats, oil, grease) down the drains, as this will all congeal and will definitely lead to clogs. While we’re on the subject—

Your Garbage Disposal Is Jammed

It happens to the best of us. Celery stalks, corn husks—eventually a very fibrous food is going to wind up making its way into the garbage disposal. Of course, you may even drop a utensil down the drain!

Whatever it is that has jammed up the disposal, be sure to shut the power to the disposal off completely before trying to remove it—and never try to do so with your hand! Use a pair of needlenose pliers or try to rock the grinder plates a bit with a wooden dowel or spoon. Don’t overdo it and cause damage to your disposal, though. We are happy to come and take care of the job for you.

Schedule your plumbing services with us. Bright and Shiny and won’t show our Hiney.

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