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Plumbing FAQ: What Actually Causes Leak?

If we were to ask a sample pool of homeowners what a “plumbing problem” meant to them, we’re willing to bet that a number of them would immediately come up with “leaks.” It kind of goes without saying that the leak is the most common issue you may encounter with your plumbing, right? Between all of the different pipes and fixtures that service your home in your plumbing system, it only makes sense in terms of probability that a plumbing leak would be right up there. sunny-plumber

What fewer people really understand, however, is why plumbing pipes might spring leaks. It’s not like we live in the northeast or the midwest where frigid temperatures lead to frozen pipes bursting. So what gives? Well, there are actually a ton of potential causes of plumbing leaks. Like we mentioned above, it really is a numbers game. Probability dictates that you’ll eventually encounter a plumbing leak in Corona, CA. When you do, call the Sunny Plumber SoCal for prompt plumbing repairs. 

You Cannot Control All of the Variables…

Sometimes, you’re going to be completely caught off-guard by plumbing leaks. Frankly, you cannot control the situations that lead to plumbing leaks in every situation. Moreover, you cannot adjust your own practices to protect your pipes and fixtures from certain events. Here, we’re talking about:

  • Damages suffered during earthquakes. Seismic activity is not at all uncommon in California. Not every earthquake is going to result in furniture toppling over or the silverware rattling in your drawers. In fact, there is a lot of seismic activity that you hardly even register,  if you notice it at all. Your plumbing, on the other hand, may still be damaged even when such occurrences are “minor.”
  • Issues with municipal systems. Sometimes, you may run into problems due to issues with where your water comes from. Is it likely that there will be a water pressure spike that blows out your main water line? No, but you may have a pressure regulator designed to mitigate such problems, and that regulator can fail. City pressure is higher than what you’d be experiencing in your home, and a failed regulator can lead to problems (even if they’re not as dramatic as a geyser in your yard!).
  • Corrosion and other material issues. Depending on how old your home is, repiping may be a good idea. If your pipes are simply very old and the connections are starting to go, your risks of leaks really spike. While repairs and spot-replacements are often possible, issues with extensive corrosion or far-reaching damages may require a total overhaul.

…but Some You Can!

Nobody wants to hear that they’re responsible for their own plumbing woes. Sometimes, you’ve got to take accountability, though. In many cases, user error does play a role.

  • DIY Errors. Don’t try to service your plumbing system on your own. You’re just going to waste time, energy, and, most likely, money, as we’ll probably be over before long to fix what went wrong.
  • Accidental damages. If you are doing a DIY-appropriate job around the house, then you may actually damage your plumbing system in the process. It is not uncommon for basic home maintenance or light renovations to result in damages to plumbing systems.
  • Ignoring warning signs. That one leaky pipe shouldn’t be ignored with a bucket under it. Those gurgling sounds, that mysterious running water noise, and any other irregularities need to be looked into right away. The longer you wait, the more likely serious damage to your plumbing becomes.

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