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Signs of Trouble with Your Pipes

sunny-plumber-logoCertain systems in our homes share some common traits, regardless of how unique the construction of those homes may be. Plumbing systems, for instance, may have some variation from home to home, but they are always going to have similar components. Perhaps the most common is the pipe. In fact, you could go so far as to say that pipes are the basic foundation of any plumbing system. That’s why problems with pipes are so serious.

As much as our skilled plumbers would love to prevent any and all problems from developing with your pipes, this is simply not possible. At some point, you can count on running into plumbing pipe issues. When that happens, you really want to catch those problems as soon as possible. As is typically the case, early intervention is your best bet for minimizing any damages to your system. Let our plumbers service your pipes in Corona, CA.

What Can Cause Problems with My Pipes?

Pipes are just metal tubes, right? They’re not mechanically complex. They don’t have electrical components. Nothing like that. So why would anything go wrong with them?

Well, there are quite a few reasons why your pipes may be compromised. Some of them can boil down to basic user error, which means that you can make some changes to your habits in order to limit any such problems. Others, unfortunately, you’ll have absolutely no control over.

A common cause of problems that homeowners actually contribute to is clogs. Now, a clog may not sound like too major a problem to you, but you need to understand that clogs can actually cause some serious issues with pipes. They can throw off pressure within piping systems, and they can cause leaks—particularly in those pipes that are already compromised. By being mindful of what you’re putting down your drains and in your toilet, you can limit this factor.

Then there are the countless other issues that you don’t have control over. Tree roots growing into pipes, shoddy installation and connection work (not a problem when you work with us), rust, and accidental damage during remodeling projects can all lead to problems. The key is to let us know as soon as such problems are suspected.

When to Call

Sometimes, you’ll see pretty obvious signs that your pipes are in trouble. We’re talking about issues like leaks leaving pools of water around appliances, under sinks, etc. Sometimes you’ll see evidence in an overly-high water bill. That could be due to a leaking water supply line. You may even hear dripping or smell musty odors—an important reminder that you need to get all of your senses involved when you’re thinking about leaks.

Whatever it is that clues you into leaks with your plumbing pipes, our team is here to ensure that the right solutions are applied promptly. Don’t ignore problems that are only going to get worse and do more damage over time! We are always here for your pipe repair needs.

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