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Signs of Water Leaks

Because we don’t get to live in a perfect world, there is no such thing as a completely perfect plumbing system. While we would love to tell your that our skilled plumbers can install and service your plumbing system to provide you with the best performance possible, and that you’ll never have to worry about problems developing with that system, only half of this statement is true. You are going to need to hire a professional plumber in Ontario, CA to repair your system at some point.

Of all the problems that a residential plumbing system may face,  water leaks are certainly among the most common of all. Just because water leaks are very common doesn’t mean that they are always easy to spot, unfortunately. If you are serious about protecting your home from the considerable damage that water leaks can do, then you need to learn how you can recognize signs of water leaks early on. Here are a few tips about how to do so, and remember to schedule service with us.

Increased Water Costs

There are a lot of warning signs that you should keep your eyes open for in your home itself. However, you also need to remember one other important place where signs of water leaks may hide: your water bill! If you have a general idea of how much you spend on water in each billing cycle, this is definitely one way in which you can spot signs of trouble.

If you notice a spike in your water bill, but you have not really been using water in your home any differently than is normal, then you definitely may have a leak that you need to fix. Wasting water is just the first way in which any such leaks will wind up costing you money in the long run. Give us a call if your water bill is draining your budget.

Signs of Stains on Ceilings or Walls

Ideally, you’ll have any problems with your water supply pipes fixed before you start to notice damage to your home. This is not always going to be the case, though. By keeping an eye out on your walls and your ceilings, and reporting any signs of staining to a professional plumber, you can avoid serious issues just down the road.

It is important to remember the fact that these stains are not necessarily, or even likely, going to appear at the source of the leak. They could be quite far from it, which means ignoring these stains could give those leaks a chance to do much more damage. Reporting them early on is definitely in your best interest.

The Sound of Running Water When None Is In Use

It’s a mystery, isn’t it? There is no plumbing fixture or appliance in use,  but you still hear water running. Wait, no. It’s not a mystery—it’s a sign of a leak!

Don’t just tune out what sounds like water trickling through your home. If you don’t have a bubbling brook near an open window, then chances are that you are actually hearing a water leak in your system. Contact us to pinpoint the source of that leak and to resolve it completely. The Sunny Plumber SoCal is just a phone call away.

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