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Simple Holiday Plumbing Tips

sunny-plumbersHolidays mean a lot of things. Giving our thanks for all that we have in our lives. Cooking big meals for the family. Hosting company. It’s a very fun, meaningful time of the year. Don’t let something like plumbing issues leave you in a lurch when you have guests in your home. There are a lot of things that may go wrong with your plumbing system, and having house guests really increases those chances, unfortunately. We’ve got some tips to help you out.

Following these tips will help to keep any problems to a minimum. However, it is not going to completely eliminate the risk of problems developing. That is why we want you to keep our number handy. When problems do come up with your plumbing system, you’ll want to call The Sunny Plumber SoCal right away. The longer that you wait to do so, the worse off any problems with your plumbing system in Corona are likely to get.

Don’t Be Afraid to Reinforce Rules with Guests

You don’t want to be a bad host. You don’t want to be domineering. We understand that. However, you cannot just let things fall apart with your plumbing system because you don’t want to step on your guests’ toes. That is not going to be doing anyone any favors.

If you have guests with little ones, be sure that they know where the trash barrel in the bathroom is, and that they understand that they have to use it. It doesn’t matter if those wipes claim to be flushable. They are a leading cause of clogs.

Have guests that want to use the shower or that are shaving in your bathroom? Don’t hesitate to ask them to empty out the drain guards when they’re done, or to wipe their whiskers out of the sink rather than flush them down the drain. What they do in their own bathrooms is up to them. You don’t want hair and whiskers clogging up your drains, though!

Be Extra Vigilant in the Kitchen

A lot of guests want to help out in the kitchen, and that is very nice of them. No one should turn away help when feeding a large crew. Just make sure that they know what can and cannot go down the garbage disposal, particularly if they’re not used to using one in their own homes!

Have kids helping out with the dishes? Make sure that they aren’t taking roasting pans or skillets and just pouring grease and fat down your drains. Those materials need to be poured off into receptacles and thrown out. They may be liquids when they’re hot, but as they cool those liquids will congeal. That can lead to serious clogs if you are not careful!

Enjoy your holidays, entertain your guests, but do not do so at the risk of your plumbing system. The holiday season will pass, but you’re stuck with your plumbing for the long run!

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