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Slab Leaks Are Serious Problems

a-leaking-plumbing-pipeModern plumbing is largely responsible for much of the convenience and comfort with which we live today. That is precisely why any problems with your plumbing system should be considered serious. That being said, not every plumbing problem is really an emergency. If, for instance, you have a dripping faucet, you should definitely have it repaired promptly. It can probably wait for the shop to open up on Monday morning, though.

If you suspect that you have a slab leak in Corona, CA, on the other hand, you really should have the problem addressed immediately. Slab leaks are notoriously difficult to detect. This means that yours may have already been around for a while before you noticed anything was wrong. Slab leaks also do very real damage, so dial our number the moment that you suspect you have one on your property.

What Exactly Is a Slab Leak?

There are a lot of points at which your plumbing system may develop a leak. Some are fairly obvious and easy to spot, such as in the pipes beneath a sink or running through your cabinetry. Others are trickier, such as those in pipes behind the walls. The slab leak, however, really is in a class of its own. This is due to its incredibly inconvenient location beneath the concrete slab upon which a home is built.

There are pipes that run through and/or under this concrete slab. When a leak develops in such a pipe, it may take some time for you to recognize that there is a problem at all. That exacerbates the problem, as it really gives the leak the time it needs to cause serious damage to your property, and even the structural integrity of your home. That is why you should know some of the signs that a slab leak has developed.

  1. Do you hear water running, when you are certain that there is none being used in your home? You could be hearing the sound of water leaking out of a pipe beneath the slab.
  2. Are your water bills climbing higher and higher, despite the fact that you’re not using any more water than usual in your house? If so, a slab leak could certainly be the source of the problem.
  3. Is your hot water supply less reliable than usual? Are the costs associated with heating water on the rise? Can you feel a warm spot on the floor beneath your feet? Then a hot water line slab leak could be the culprit.
  4. Cracks in the floor, damp spots on the carpet, or even the development of mildew and/or mold could suggest dampness stemming from a slab leak.

What’s the Next Step?

If you have any reason at all to believe that there is a slab leak on your property, do not run for the toolbox or to a local handyman. This type of problem demands the attention of a trained, experienced plumber. You cannot go into the job blind, and you cannot risk further damage to your property as you try to access the leak.

The very nature of the slab leak’s location means that it is not only difficult to detect, but also to resolve. You want the source of the leak pinpointed before excavating the leak, so that disruption to your property is kept to the bare minimum. Let us find, expose, and repair your slab leak with the skill and expertise that only qualified, knowledgeable plumbers can possess.

The Sunny Plumber Corona is here to handle your slab leak services.

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