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Spotting a Broken Water Main

buried-pipeIt is impossible for most homeowners today to imagine living without their plumbing systems. Indoor plumbing makes our lives far more convenient and hygienic than they could otherwise be. Considering just how dry our geographic region truly is, having water piped directly into our homes via our main water lines is really a luxury that we often take for granted.

When something goes wrong with your water main, though, it becomes very clear very quickly just how foolish it is to take its performance for granted. For any number of reasons, your water main may be compromised. If and when this happens, it is always in your best interest to have your water main serviced as soon as possible. To do so, of course, you must first learn to spot the signs of trouble with your main water line in Corona, CA to begin with.

Is Your Water Main in Trouble?

The main water line is the pipe that brings water from the municipal supply into your home. If the water main connecting your house to the municipal water line is damaged, then you are going to run into some serious issues. While these issues are obviously not the sort of thing that you want to encounter on your property, there is a silver lining to their development. If you know what it is that you’re looking for, then they act as a warning alert to the problem at hand. Following are some common signs of water line problems that you may notice on your property.

  1. Pools of water in your yard. We live in a pretty dry area. If you notice that there is water pooling in your yard, or even if the yard just feels a little soggy and squishy underfoot, you should definitely be suspicious. If we have not had any storms recently, but you notice this phenomena, then it could be the result of water leaking out of your main water line.
  2. Gurgling or hissing sounds at the connection point. Do you know where the main water line connection on your property is? If not, then you should find it. If you’re walking by this connection point and you hear gurgling or hissing sounds in the vicinity, it is possible that what you are hearing is actually the sound of water escaping from your main water line.
  3. Increased water costs. Obviously, your water costs are going to fluctuate depending upon how much you are using your water in any given billing period. That being said, any inexplicable spikes in your water costs are cause for concern. There is a good chance that you are paying for water that you are not actually using, due to leaks.
  4. Loss of water pressure. This is not going to be an issue in every instance of a water main leak. However, if you notice that water pressure throughout your entire home has dropped off, it could well be due to a main water line leak. Contact us if your showers are suddenly rather lackluster.

Let The Sunny Plumber Corona know if you suspect that you have a water main leak on your property.


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