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The Problem with a Running Toilet

sunny-plumberIf there’s any plumbing fixture in your home you don’t want to have a problem, it’s your toilet. The good news is that our Sunny Plumbers are here for whatever plumbing issue that you may have, whether you need a toilet repair or even a toilet replacement—which we may typically recommend anyway if yours is over 20 years old.

There’s one toilet trouble, in particular, that doesn’t seem like an emergency, but given how much water it wastes, it could stress you out just as much as an emergency would. We’re talking about a running toilet. To learn more about this issue, read on! Then, call a professional Sunny plumber in Corona, CA!

When Your Toilet Won’t Stop Running

When you flush your toilet, water from the tank rushes into the bowl in order to flush it out. Then, water enters the tank through the refill tube. When the water level in the tank reaches a set level (just below the opening of the overflow tube) the water flow from the feed line will shut off. This whole process usually takes no longer than a minute.

But if you hear the sound of water running more than a minute after the last time the toilet was flushed, something is amiss—the water is still flowing into the tank. Sometimes, all it takes to remedy this is flushing the toilet again or jiggling the handle. But if this doesn’t resolve the problem, or if this is a continual issue for you, you have a toilet problem that requires professional repair, otherwise you’ll waste money and may even lose the ability to flush your toilet.

How Does This Happen?

There are a couple possible reasons that a toilet might keep running, or run longer than it should, anyway. A common issue with aging toilets is a worn down gasket. Gaskets form a seal between the toilet tank and the bowl. If water starts escaping from the gaskets, the drop in water from the tank will cause the refill tube to continue to fill it. It can also lead to water leaking around the toilet, which can result in serious water damage.

Oftentimes, the problem is in the tank itself. The flapper, which seals off the bottom of the tank after the flush is finishes in order to allow water to fill up again, can begin to decay and lose its sealing ability. It will be necessary to have it replaced. The float in the tank, which shuts off the water flow when the water rises high enough, can also malfunction and not shut off the flow from the feedline. A damaged refill tube can also lead to continuous running.

Homeowners often try to open up the tank and tinker with the flapper and other components, but we don’t recommend this. You could unintentionally end up doing more harm than good.

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