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Toilet Trouble? When to Take Action

Your plumbing system has a few standout components and fixtures that you truly could not imagine living without. Perhaps the most integral to your daily routine is the toilet. We’re willing to bet that, if you’re reading this online, you’re probably not running out to an outhouse every time you need to use the facilities, after all. Now, the toilet may not be the most technologically advanced piece of equipment in your home, but there are some ways in which it can fail.

sunny-plumberObviously, you want to resolve any problems with your toilet right away, before serious damage is done—either to the toilet or to your property in general. You also don’t want to be calling in professional plumbers unnecessarily, however. So, today, we’re going to talk about when it is that you should take action. Remember, most problems with your toilet will require the skill of a professional plumber in Riverside, CA, to resolve. Make yours a Sunny Plumber!

My Toilet Is Clogged!

This is a matter of frequency, really. If your toilet doesn’t flush, then the first thing that you should do is reach for the plunger. There are not many instances where we’ll suggest a DIY approach, but attempting to plunge out a clog is definitely acceptable. If the clog won’t relinquish its hold over your toilet, or if you run into this problem frequently, then you should call the pros.

It is possible that you are dealing with a clog deep in the sewer line, not just in the toilet, which is why you may not be able to clear it effectively. This is more likely if you have trouble with slow-moving drains or clogs throughout the house, or if you can smell sewer odors in your home. If you suspect such a problem, contact us immediately!

My Toilet Is Leaking!

From where? This is an important distinction. Is there water surrounding your toilet on the floor? Not so fast—are you sure it’s from the toilet? It could be that someone wasn’t careful about toweling off after a shower, or even that there’s condensation dripping off the supply line or the bottom of the tank. Of course, there could be an issue with the wax seal and the connection to the drain pipe.

If you have a leak in the tank or bowl itself, you’ll need a new toilet. That’s not really something that can be repaired. Is the leak in the line? Then we can replace the pipe, no problem. Whatever the case, just make sure you have an idea of where the leak is coming from so that you know for certain the issue is actually with the toilet.

My Toilet Is Running, and Running, and Running!

This is an annoying problem, and one that can really cost you due to wasting water. However, it may have a simple solution. Open the toilet tank and make sure that the flapper in the bottom is sealing properly. If not, you may just need to readjust it.

If the tank is leaking into the bowl, however, repairs or a replacement may be necessary. Contact us to have the problem diagnosed accurately.

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