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Using Natural Gas Safely in Your Home

sunny-plumberIf you find yourself wondering just why natural gas is such a popular fuel option among homeowners, then chances are that you have never used it. Why? Because, if you had, you wouldn’t need any convincing about its merits! We’ll talk about those a bit more in the post that follows. What we really want to focus on today, however, is using natural gas safely in your home. Scheduling your gas piping services with The Sunny Plumber SoCal is the first step. 

We are obviously not trying to dissuade you from using natural gas in your home, but you should also understand that there is some inherent risk with doing so. This is not unique to natural gas, of course. Any fuel, including propane, oil, or even just electricity used to heat the house and keep the lights on, has the capacity for danger. That is why working with trained professionals that always do the job right is always so important!

First of All, Why Choose Natural Gas?

Natural gas is a largely domestic product, meaning that it is not subject to volatile marketplaces the way that foreign is. That helps to maintain stability in pricing. Natural gas also pipes directly into your home—and safely, too, when you leave your gas piping in Corona, CA to us! By piping fuel right into your home and to the appliances that need it, you eliminate the need for deliveries and the on-site storage of fuel.

Natural gas is pretty clean-burning, as far as fossil fuels go, too. It also burns very hot, making it an efficient heating source. Of course, you can use it for much more than heating. Natural gas can fuel your range, oven, water heater, and even your clothes dryer. With all that in mind, its dominance as the fuel of choice in the residential sector is not all that hard to understand!

When to Be Concerned

Okay, so natural gas is great. No one is arguing against that. Not convincingly, anyway. That doesn’t mean that there are no potential problems that you may encounter, though. The fact that this is a combustible gas means that any such problems need to be dealt with immediately. The silver lining on this particular is the fact that, while natural gas problems are indeed serious, there are also a lot of warning signs that you may notice which can alert you to problems with your gas piping and supply.

  • That stench. It’s pretty hard to miss unless, for some reason, your home typically smells like rotten eggs. In that event, we’re not the ones to call for help! All joking aside, natural gas is naturally odorless, and that sulfuric odor is actually an additive with the specific purpose of alerting you to leaks.
  • Dying vegetation. Natural gas is great for many uses, but it’s not good to expose yourself too. It’s also not good for plant life. If your lawn is dying off, or if shrubs/bushes around your buried gas line are yellowing, then they could actually be being poisoned by a gas leak.

Schedule your gas line services with us. Bright and Shiny and Won’t Show Our Hiney.

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