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What Can Cause Low Water Pressure?

showeringIndoor plumbing is one of the greatest comforts and luxuries that we enjoy today — though we suspect that many people would categorize indoor plumbing as more of a “necessity” than they would a “luxury.” Regardless of your chosen terminology, the fact is that our plumbing systems play a major role in our day to day lives. It is precisely for this reason that any problems with your plumbing system deserve the attention of a professional plumber in Corona, CA.

Now, it is also important to note that you don’t need to have a flooded lower level or a toilet backing up into the bathroom in order to justify a call to a plumber. There are plenty of other problems with your plumbing system that you may encounter, and which may necessitate professional intervention. Low water pressure, for instance, is a problem that may not exactly seem like an emergency, but which should nonetheless be handled in a prompt and professional manner. 

Check with Your Town/Municipal Offices

If you have low water pressure throughout your entire home, you may want to check in with a neighbor before you contact a plumber to come repair your system. It is entirely possible that something like the use of fire hydrants or other not so common occurrences are lowering water pressure in your area. It could even be due to leaks in a city water line, or the work being done to resolve such problems

Pro Tip: Follow local utilities/town management accounts on social media to keep yourself abreast of such issues or any expected interruptions to utility services.

Is It All Throughout the House?

If so, and the problem seems localized to your own personal property, then you definitely may have a leak in your water main. You would probably notice an increase in water costs or at least a damp yard if this were the case. Regardless, you need to have the problem resolved as soon as possible. You risk not only financial loss due to wasted water, but damage to your home and property as well.

Is It Just One Area or Fixture?

Do you only have low water pressure in your bathroom? Is it specific to the shower? Then you could have a leak in a pipe servicing this area of the house, leaving other areas free of trouble. Even “minor” hidden leaks can result in low water pressure — and major water damage, over time — so be sure to let us know right away.

You could even have hard water that has left serious deposits in your pipes. In this event, you may wind up with constricted pipes causing low water pressure at the system outlets, but high pressure within the pipes. This could cause damage to the affected pipes. When it comes to your residential plumbing system, you really do not want to take any chances. Schedule your plumbing services with professionals that you can count on to do the job right.

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