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When Good Pipes Go Bad

sunny-plumberWhen you think of system failures, you may think of things like motors or electrical controls that run into operational issues. That’s reasonable. Generally speaking, the more complex a system, the more there is to go wrong. That being said, there is no rule stating that simple systems and the components that they comprise cannot run into trouble, too. We certainly don’t mean to suggest that your plumbing system is simple, of course, but we will admit that individual pipes are not terribly complex.

The fact that a pipe is a fairly simple piece of the plumbing puzzle does not mean that you’re not going to run into trouble with your pipes, unfortunately. It is always a good idea to know some common signs of trouble to be aware of that will help you to catch problems with your pipes early on. You should also understand why it is that your pipes in Corona, CA, may run into problems to begin with. Here is some information to keep in mind.

Old Pipes Might Mean Old Materials

There is a bit of a misconception that all older pipes made of outdated materials are just waiting to burst. That’s not entirely true. It is true, however, that the types of copper and especially plastic pipes used today are going to last longer than many older materials. If you do run into a situation where older pipes are starting to degrade, then it is probably best to consider replacing all of those pipes with newer ones made of more durable materials. We offer full repiping services for just this reason.

Pipes Degrade Over Time Regardless of Materials, Though

Nothing lasts forever. Not even copper pipes. Copper piping is a great option. The material lasts and it’s great to work with. That doesn’t mean it lasts indefinitely, though. One issue that may develop even with copper piping is pitting. This can lead to pinhole leaks. You don’t have to have a huge chunk of a pipe rust out in order to run into problems. Pinhole leaks can actually develop from the inside of the pipe out, and even “minor” leaks can lead to serious damage and wasted water if given the opportunity.

Pipes Can Be Damaged Accidentally

If you’re doing work around the house, like renovations or even landscaping, then it is possible that pipes may be damaged in the process. Now, if you’re working with a trained professional, then we’d certainly hope that he or she would avoid any such issues. Still, accidents happen. Make sure that any accidental damage to pipes in the vicinity of any work areas is addressed immediately. You certainly don’t want to be walling up or burying your damaged pipes!

Our professional plumbers are here to handle any plumbing repairs that you may need. We charge a fair price for service quality that truly goes above and beyond, every time.

Schedule your plumbing services with The Sunny Plumber SoCal. We’re bright and shiny and won’t show our hiney!

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