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When to Call a Professional Plumber

leak-under-sinkWe understand and appreciate the fact that many homeowners take great pride in handling projects around their houses on their own. However,  there is a lot to be said for knowing when it is time to drop the tool bag and to pick up the phone instead. In certain circumstances, all of the online tutorials in the digital world are not going to be enough to ensure that you complete the task at hand properly. When you hire our professional plumbers, though, there is never any doubt about it.

There are different reasons as to why you should hire a professional to handle many jobs. In some instance, you run the risk of damaging your property by attempting services that are beyond your capabilities. In others,  it just may prove impossible to do an effective job, and you’ll wind up running into the same trouble before long. When you are ready to hire a professional plumber in Long Beach, CA, make sure that it’s our number you call.

Are Your Drains Moving Slowly?

Seriously, you may be thinking. Slow drains? I’ll just pour a bottle of chemical cleaner down the drain! No problem. Okay, we understand that slow-moving, gurgling drains are not necessarily as alarming as, say, pipes that have burst and are leaking all over your house. However, we do encourage homeowners to have slow-moving drains serviced professionally. This is one of those problems that may not have an immediate impact on your life, but that can keep coming back to haunt you.

Chemical drain cleaners are likely only going to clear out as much of the clog as is necessary to allow that cleaner itself to pass through. Likewise, using a hand auger, while probably a better option, means that you may simply drill through that clog, rather than remove it entirely. Our plumbers, on the other hand, will make sure that the job is done right.

Is Your Property Smelly?

It sounds pretty silly, doesn’t it? However, this question is actually quite serious. We’re not talking about a garbage pail that has gotten a little ripe here. We’re talking about the smell of sewage — something that you’ll definitely recognize when you notice it.

If you smell sewage on your property, contact us immediately. Drain and sewer problems cannot be ignored, and a ruptured sewer line or septic tank problems can do serious damage resulting in very unhygienic conditions.

What About Leaking Faucets?

This is one of those problems that homeowners tend to ignore. We get it. Leaking faucets may not be an emergency. However, the real issue here is how much they are going to wind up costing you in the long run.

Do not waste money on hundreds of gallons of wasted water! And don’t risk damaging your fixtures or your new faucets by trying to replace them on your own. Instead, dial our number, and let our plumbing experts ensure that your faucets are replaced properly and that they are installed with the utmost care.

Schedule your plumbing services with The Sunny Plumber Corona. Bright and Shiny and won’t show our Hiney.

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