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You Cannot Ignore Toilet Problems

sunny-plumbersThe toilet is the iconic image that most people would associate with the word “plumbing.” It is a quintessential component of any plumbing system, residential or commercial, and is used by everyone at multiple times throughout the day. Even so, we still run into scenarios where homeowners are dealing with serious plumbing problems because they ignore warning signs coming from their toilets. Trust us, you really don’t want to find yourself in this camp. Especially not when those warning signs are pretty obvious.

Today we are going to talk about some of the common toilet problems that homeowners encounter, as well as those that they ignore. Almost as bad as ignoring toilet problems altogether, it should be noted, is deciding that you can go ahead and resolve the problem yourself. So keep this information in mind, and be sure to keep our contact information handy. When it comes to your toilet plumbing needs, a Sunny Plumber is who you need!

Problem Number 1: Multiple Flushes Are Needed

Occasionally you may need to flush your toilet in Corona more than once. That in and of itself is not alarming, and you shouldn’t really fret too much over it. However, if you discover that you more and more frequently need more and more flushes to get the job done,  it is probably cause for concern. There could be a few issues at play.

It may be that you’ve got a clog developing in the toilet drain pipe or in your sewer line that is impeding flushing capabilities. Maybe there is a problem with the supply piping, and your tank doesn’t hold sufficient water for a successful flush every time. Whatever the case, you can count on our plumbers to resolve the problem effectively for lasting results.

Problem Number 2: The Toilet Keeps Running

A toilet that is backing up frequently is obviously a toilet in need of prompt service. You just can’t live under those conditions. What about a toilet that keeps on running, though? That’s just annoying, right? But something you can tune out if you don’t feel like dealing with it right away.

Sure, you can probably do that. And you can tell us why you did that when we show up at your home when you wind up scheduling plumbing services.  The fact is that a running toilet is still a major red flag, and could mean that you’ve got a leak somewhere leaving you paying for water that is never used! Even if it’s leaking into the bowl, not onto the floor, you don’t want to let this slide.

Problem Number 3: There Is Water All Over the Floor!

Toilet leaks may just go from the tank to the bowl, and those leaks are sometimes as simple to fix as replacing a flapper in the tank. However, it is also possible that the bowl or the tank itself is leaking water onto the floor. And, when that happens, a replacement is in your near future.

The water could also be coming up from under the toilet, which will require the removal of the toilet and the breaking of the wax seal around its base to investigate. Trust us, this is a job for the pros.

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