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Do I Need Water Heater Repairs?

sunny-plumbersThere are certain plumbing issues that homeowners convince themselves they can live with. Think toilets that seem to run too long, or faucets that perpetually drip. If you ask us, and any good plumber, then any such problems should really be dealt with ASAP. That being said, some issues are going to stand out as priorities more than others. This is certainly the case when it comes to problems with your water heater in Riverside, CA. Hot water is too important to take chances with!

Fortunately, many issues with your water heater will give you some warning signs right away. Unfortunately, even the most obvious red flags won’t do much good if you, as the homeowner, do not recognize them as anything to act upon promptly. We encourage you to think about just how much you rely upon your hot water on a day-to-day basis, and to pick up the phone immediately when trouble seems to strike. The Sunny Plumber SoCal is here to help!

Is Your Water Heater Whistling a Tune?

Well, probably not. The pitch of your whistling water heater should be pretty constant, and it should be cause for alarm. Now, the occasional whistling or hissing of your water heater may not be a huge issue. Remember, there is a tank pressure relief valve on your water heater that is actually there to let excess pressure out of the tank. It may dribble a little water as well as emit some air.

However, your water heater is not a boiling tea kettle! If that pressure relief valve seems to be whistling and hissing pretty much around the clock, it’s time to give us a call. Your system may need to be flushed. It may have taken in some air. Whatever the case, you don’t want pressure to continue to build.

Is Your Water Heater Rumbling or Bubbling?

Again, keep the tea kettle in mind. It will start to rumble before hissing as water gets hot enough to boil. However, your water heater is no more a boiler than it is a tea kettle! If it sounds like there may actually be water approaching boiling in the tank, it’s not safe to use that system.

You could have a lot of sediment in the bottom that is causing water down there to heat up excessively. Just draining out a few gallons of water may do the trick. However, if you have a lot of scale built up, the water heater may need to be entirely drained and serviced.

Does Your Tank Look Rusted and Corroded?

As we’ve written about previously, there are a few safeguards against rust and corrosion in your water heater’s tank. These are the glass liner and the anode rod, specifically, as well as any whole-house water treatment systems that you use to handle corrosive elements in your water supply. However, you may still notice some corrosion on the outside of your water tank.

You could have rust on the tank due to dripping connections or leaks in your inlet/outlet lines. These can typically be repaired or replaced with no real disruption to the water heater. If the tank itself is leaking, however, you’re wasting energy and you need a new system. There is no coming back from a leaking tank, and you cannot afford to ignore the problem.

Schedule your water heater repairs with us. Bright and shiny and won’t show our hiney.

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