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Tankless Water Heaters Are Long Term Investments

technician-in-doorIf you’re the type of person that solely looks at a price tag before deciding whether or not to invest in something, then we totally understand that. However, you are probably winding up with a whole lot of short-term investments if this is the way you work. Why? Because sometimes investing some extra money up front really does pay off in the long run. This is definitely the case with tankless water heaters in Corona, CA.

Even the most preliminary research will show that tankless water heaters are considerably more expensive than tank water heaters are. If that’s all you’re looking at, though, you’re missing the big picture. Because tankless water heaters have some serious benefits to offer. Benefits, we’d say, that are well worth the asking price! So read on, think about how long you’re going to be in your home, and let us know if you’re ready to make a long term water heater investment.

1. Energy Efficiency

There is absolutely no denying the energy efficiency of tankless water heaters. Now, modern tank water heaters are no slouch when it comes to energy efficiency. Modern systems are more efficient than they used to be, for sure. You can insulate your tank and hot water line further to boost that efficiency even more. However, standby energy loss is still going to occur.

That is fancy for “heat moves through the tank to the cooler air surrounding it.” Will a well-insulated tank slow this. Sure. Will it completely stop it? No. What can? Getting rid of the tank entirely. The fact is that removing the tank from the equation altogether is the only way in which you can completely remove standby energy loss.

2. Longevity

We know what you’re thinking. How much energy could we really be talking about, here? Look, we’re not saying that you’re going to be saving $20/day using a tank water heater. However, over time, these energy savings really do hold up. Enough to offset that initial higher price, and then some. Because tankless water heaters don’t just use less energy. They also last a really long time, comparatively.

With a tank water heater, you’re looking at 10-12 of reliable service. A tankless water heater, on the other hand, can last upward and beyond 2 decades. So while the overall energy savings may take a while to add up, tankless water heaters give them the time needed to do so. Again—we’re talking long-term investments here.

3. Convenience

This is a lesser selling point, perhaps, but one that really speaks to a lot of people nonetheless. Tankless water heaters are just smaller than tank water heaters. If you have limited storage space, freeing some up by installing a little tank water heater on the wall is going to give you a bit more to work with. That’s worth noting, even if it’s not quite as exciting as the energy savings angle.

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