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How Is Your Water Quality?

sunny-plumberBefore you answer with something along the lines of “It’s fine, thanks for asking,” we really want you to think long and hard about how your water quality has been treating you. This is a more serious question than you may realize, as some issues with your water quality could actually make you sick. And no, the fact that you use a public water supply does not guarantee that your water quality is necessarily high. There are plenty of issues that can strike en route.

The good news is that The Sunny Plumber SoCal is here to help. Keep in mind that there is really not any one solution that can truly solve any and all problems that you encounter with your water quality. Working with a skilled, experienced plumber in Corona is the best way in which to ensure that your particular issues are addressed in the most appropriate manner. So give us a call, and keep the following information in mind. 

What to Look For

Okay, that is a bit misleading. Why? Because there are a lot of symptoms of bad water, and you won’t really be looking for all of them. Some of them, though, will have visual clues. Here are a few symptoms to be aware of.

  1. Discoloration of your water.
  2. Visible particulate matter in the water.
  3. A foul odor coming from the water.
  4. An off taste to the water.
  5. Mineral deposits on your plumbing fixtures.
  6. An unsettled stomach or more severe reactions to drinking water.

If you notice any of these problems, be sure to contact us right away. Like we said, there are a lot of different symptoms that you may notice, and they can all mean different things. You notice the symptoms, and we’ll figure out precisely what the right solution to the problem may be.

What Are Those Solutions?

There are a lot of different ways in which we can improve the quality of the water that you drink. If you have issues with hard water, for instance, then we can install a water softener that will swap out the minerals causing the hard water with harmless sodium ions.

If the issue is particulate matter, then we can install a water filtration system that will trap those pollutants before the water makes it to you different points of use. This is much more effective and convenient than using water filtration jugs to do the job.

As far as figuring out precisely what is wrong in order to determine which types of water purification systems are right for you, we also offer comprehensive water testing services. This is especially important for homes using a private water source, as well as for homes with vulnerable populations such as children and the elderly living within. When you hire our plumbers to test your water, you can count on accurate results and the implementation of a system that will cater to your needs.

Schedule your water treatment services with us. Bright and Shiny and won’t show our Hiney.

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