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Should I Have My Water Tested?

child-drinking-waterThere are certain “luxuries” that some homeowners are happy to forgo. Maybe you don’t have any interest in the installation of a garbage disposal, for instance. Perhaps you don’t want to outfit your home with smart thermostats and home automation equipment. That’s all well and good. When it comes to clean, potable water in your home, though, you’re starting to stretch the definition of “luxury”. At this point in time, having clean water piped into your home is, if not a necessity, certainly an expectation held by the average homeowner.

Here is a question for you, though. How healthful is the water that you are piping throughout your living space? Even if you don’t drink directly from the tap, you are still cooking with that water, using it to bathe, clean your clothes, etc. Just because your water is treated by a municipal facility does not necessarily mean that it is reaching your home in clean, high-quality state. That is why you may want to hire a professional plumber in Huntington Beach to test your water.

Isn’t My Water Already Treated?

If you do get your water from the municipal supply, then the answer is yes, your water is treated. However, think about how far that water must then travel to reach your home. Any number of issues may develop with that water in its travels, right? We’d like to think that every pipe in our water system’s infrastructure is of the highest integrity, but that simply may not be the case.

Plus, even if it were, there is still the question of your own pipes. Anything from rust to fertilizer chemicals could be present in a pipe, particularly one that leaks, so testing water is a great idea to rule out any such issues. If you get your water from a private supply, then you absolutely should be scheduling water testing on a regular basis.

Other Considerations

Okay, so your water quality is not a major concern, you’re comfortable in knowing that it is already treated, etc. etc. Are there any other considerations that should come into play when deciding whether or not to have that water tested, though? You bet there are! Following are a few instances in which you really should schedule professional water testing services.

  • Private supplies – We mentioned this above, but if you have a private water supply you should be scheduling water testing annually. This will tell you not only if you have dangerous microorganisms in your water, but also if you have a lot of dissolved solids or pH levels that are not ideal.
  • Pregnancy – When it comes to protecting the health of a mother-to-be and the little one that is on its way, you cannot be too careful. Have your water tested if you have a pregnant party in your home or if you have very young children.
  • Foul Odors/Cloudiness – If you are able to tell that something is off with your water just by looking at it, tasting it, or smelling it, then you should schedule water testing to figure out exactly what the issue is. Even if it doesn’t pose a health threat, don’t you think that you deserve better than water of this quality? We here at The Sunny Plumber SoCal sure do!

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