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Signs That You Need a Water Treatment System

sunny-plumberWe live in a civilized environment, and one of the things that we really take for granted is our access to fresh, potable water in our homes. What if we were to tell you, though, that your water quality may not be all that you think it is? Or that your suspicions about your water quality may be on the right track, and could even be putting your health at risk. Trust us, we’re not here to try and scare you into purchasing systems you don’t need.

In fact, many problems with your water quality won’t pose health threats of any kind. That doesn’t mean that you should just put up with them, though. Certainly not when the water treatment system professionals on our team are here to help. We’re here to accurately diagnose the cause of your problems, and to find the most effective solution possible. 

Does Your Water Smell Weird?

A sulfuric odor, or even a chlorine odor in your water could mean that you need a water filtration or purification system. Water is a vital part of your life, but it shouldn’t really smell like anything other than, well, water! If your water has a strange odor, or just a bad odor, then there is something amiss.

This could mean that it’s just overly chlorinated. It could also mean that there is a problem with runoff or, we hate to say it, improper septic management. So let’s just say it’s best to play it safe, and have those odors investigated.

Does Your Water Taste Bad?

Again, your water should just taste like water! Some homeowners seem to think that tap water shouldn’t taste all that good. That’s not really the case, though. If your water doesn’t taste good, it could have something to do with the pipes in your home. It could mean you have a leaky water main letting sediment into the pipe, throwing off the taste.

You can use a point of use filter or a jug-style filter, but that may not be enough to solve potentially serious issues with water quality. If the foul taste is the result of some biological contaminant, for instance, you need to have that addressed with the appropriate system.

Does Your Water Leave Grime?

You know what we’re talking about. That green and white crust on the faucets. That ring in the bathtub. The buildup on the shower stall door. It’s hard water, and it is a big problem. Because hard water isn’t going to cause any ill health effects, many people simply don’t prioritize it. Those people really need to reprioritize.

If you have hard water, it’s not just about the buildups that you can see. Think about what the inside of your pipes looks like! Think about the fact that your water heater isn’t as effective or efficient as it should be. Think about how your clothes aren’t as clean and vibrant as they should be. Then give us a call to have a great water softener installed in your home!

Schedule your water treatment system services with The Sunny Plumber SoCal. Bright and shiny and won’t show our hiney.

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