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Why Is Hard Water a Problem?

water-softenerThere are a lot of reason why one may hire a professional plumber in Huntington Beach, CA. If water is spilling all over your floor due to a burst pipe, for instance, chances are that you’ll be contacting a plumber as fast as those fingers of yours can dial. Or if your toilet is backing up with no signs of stopping — we’ll probably be hearing from you very quickly in that case. What about those problems that are a bit less obvious, though?

What about those problems that are insidious, and can negatively affect your home in a number of more subtle — but still serious — ways? Hard water is such a problem, and trust us. It is a problem. Chances are that if you have hard water in your home, you’ve at least noticed some of the more obvious indicators of the problem. Simply ignoring them because they don’t seem all that immediate in the moment is not what you want to do.

What Is Hard Water?

Unlike many water contamination issues that can pose a direct threat to your health and that of your family members, hard water is not going to make you sick. Basically, hard water is just water that has too high a concentration of mineral content, such as calcium and/or magnesium. Just because these minerals won’t make you sick does not make them entirely benign, though. But how do you determine if your water is hard? Water testing is one method, but hard water actually has a number of fairly obvious warning signs.

Signs That You Have Hard Water

No, we’re not talking about chunks of ice developing. That’s a different kind of hard water. You may have hard water in your home if you notice any of the following symptoms.

  • Low water pressure. One of the reasons why hard water is so troublesome is because it can leave deposits in your pipes. Over time, that causes the space within those pipes to constrict. That can lead to reduced water flow and increased pressure within your pipes. In serious cases, that can have ramifications for the integrity of the pipes and the plumbing system at large.
  • Trouble lathering soap. Many homeowners notice that it’s tough to get a good lather going in the shower when their water is hard. Hard water has a filmy quality, and the same water that leaves a scummy layer on the bathtub can have a similar effect on your skin. Speaking of which, our next point.
  • Ugly deposits/stains on fixtures. Have you seen white and green buildup on your plumbing fixtures? Noticed that there is a ring around the tub, despite the fact that you clean it pretty regularly? This could well be the result of hard water.
  • Deposits in water heater. Have you heard your water heater grumbling? Do you suspect that your water heater is behind a spike in recent utility costs? If there is a layer of deposits at the base of your water heater, it could lead to boiling due to the insulating effect of that layer.

Contact The Sunny Plumber Corona to learn about the benefits of using a water softener, such as the one pictured, in your home. It will swap out those minerals with harmless sodium ions. Count on us to install and service yours properly. 

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