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Video Pipe Inspection

Video Pipe Inspection in Corona, CA

It goes without saying that drain and sewer line blockages are a huge inconvenience. When your sewer lines are unable to properly dispose of wastewater and sewage, then your Corona, CA household is exposed to potential health hazards from raw sewage backing up onto your property. Even if not unhealthy, this can be a very messy and costly problem to deal with, and never something you’d want to deal with on your own. Fortunately, you don’t have to, because the bright and shiny plumbers from The Sunny Plumber SoCal are here to help.

Our experienced and highly trained plumbers spot leaks, locate the source of a clog or obstruction, and come up with solutions to fix such problems with as little disruption as possible. Get in touch with us as soon as you experience or suspect a drain or sewer line issue, and we’ll use our innovative video camera inspection services to begin the process of locating and fixing the problem.

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The Benefits of Video Camera Inspection

Video camera pipe inspection works by using a camera snake, which moves through your pipes so our expert technicians can get a clear view of the pipeline, to locate the source of a leak or obstruction. Below are a few of the problems that our Corona, CA team may discover.

  • Clogs: To select the best tool to remove a blockage from your drain or sewer lines, we must first know its exact location. While some tools are better for clogs that are further down along the drain lines, others are better for blockages closer to the drain opening. 
  • Leaks: Video camera inspection allows our professional plumber to discover the precise location of leaks so that we can determine the best method of repair or replacement.
  • Tree Roots: Sometimes what you think may be a clog is actually the infiltration of tree roots. Since roots grow naturally towards sources of water, it’s very likely that they’ll grow towards your sewer pipes in an attempt to hydrate.
  • Lost Items: If you’ve ever lost an expensive piece of jewelry, you know how devastating it can be. If there’s any chance it’s fallen down a drain, you can contact our plumbers right away—the sooner the better—and they may be able to locate the missing item using video camera inspection. Another time this comes in handy is if you have a child who enjoys putting their small toys down the toilet or bathtub drain!

Don’t Hesitate to Call for Video Camera Inspection

If you suspect a major leak or clog in your sewer line, the best thing you can do is give us a call as soon as possible. We even offer 24/7 services, as we know that when an emergency occurs, it’s never at a convenient time. Our team has a full truck of equipment on hand so that after we conduct video pipe inspection, we can perform any necessary repairs promptly and efficiently. Call us today to schedule service with professional plumbers who have a reputation for trust, reliability, and skill.

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