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Slab Leak Detection and Repair

Slab Leak Detection and Repair in Corona, CA

Imagine you are walking through your Corona, CA home and notice a warm spot beneath the floor, perhaps in your kitchen or bathroom. Or perhaps you notice a damp spot on your carpet with no known cause. If you have a pet you may place the blame on them—but these could actually be signs of a slab leak, which is among the most serious problems that can impact your home’s plumbing system.

Slab leaks can cause considerable damage in a short amount of time. This is why the team at The Sunny Plumber SoCal provides comprehensive slab leak detection and slab leak repair services throughout the community and beyond. Give us a call today to connect with our professional plumbers who are bright and shiny, and won’t show their hiney!

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Understanding Slab Leaks

Your Corona, CA property sits on a concrete foundation, which is called a "slab." This helps stabilize the foundation and protect your home from erosion and other related issues. Your water and sewer lines run through several pipes underneath this slab. When one of these pipes springs a leak, it causes what is known as a slab leak.

A couple of signs to watch out for are those that we mentioned above—a warm spot beneath your floor or the appearance of water on your flooring with no other known source. You should also keep an eye out for the sound of running water, or a sudden spike in your water bill. Most of the time, however, a slab leak can go weeks and potentially even months before being detected. This is what makes them so much worse than any other standard leak—their inconvenient location.

The Problem with Slab Leaks

There are a couple reasons why slab leaks pose a significant danger to your Corona, CA home. First off, they almost always take a while to notice. The leak is located under your home, so you may not even know there’s a problem until water is gushing up from under your floor—not the ideal situation.

One way that you may be able to identify a slab leak on your own is by watching your water meter with all the water appliances turned off, but you likely won’t know to even look for a slab leak until you’ve witnessed other symptoms. The second problem with slab leaks is that due to their location, they are usually difficult to locate to repair properly—at least they are to the untrained handyman. This is why you need our superior plumbing service.

We Provide High Quality Slab Leak Repair

The sooner you have a slab leak repaired, the less water damage you’ll be dealing with. Our team offers a full range of slab leak services throughout Corona, CA and surrounding communities. Whether you suspect a leak and need us to perform slab leak detection or you need slab leak repair, we are always there when you need us. Remember though, once you suspect a leak it’s time to give us a call for detection services. Waiting only raises the risk of significant and costly water damage.

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